Friday, November 11, 2011

The Mini challenge version of Sew and Tell!

Happy happy!  It's FRIDAY!!  and even more fun...I accomplished yesterday's goal of creating something to play along with

I have never attempted a mini-quilt...and wanted to join in the I went with a mug rug kind of mini.  I had no real rhyme or reason to the pattern...had some yummy decent sized scraps left from these I just started piecing together and trimming and so on and ended up with my little piece (measures around 7ish x 11ish).

Here is the front:

and the back:

I quilted it very simply...and had another new experience...decided to stitch the ditch (hadn't tried that one before either) and I LOVE how it came out!  Maybe next time I'll make a mini and try out some FMQ (that one still scares me a bit though!).  Had some repeat binding issues from a few weeks ago...and I'm pretty sure it's because I forgot to change out the foot I was using (again)...but will have to see.

I had a lot of fun getting this together in a short period of time (around 2 hours, give or take a few minutes) was awesome having the feeling of completing something quilty so quickly! I'm off to check out some other lovely mini's!  Have a fantastic weekend!


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