Friday, January 31, 2014

ALYoF - January finish!!

I posted about my January goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes back over here (link #53).

And today I can happily tell you that I did, indeed, meet my goal (by the skin of my teeth!) and my xplus quilt blocks have all been completed and transformed into a quilt top:

I love it!  It's been kind of exciting posting about the progress of this on instagram...and Jeni Baker, who designed Nordika, the primary fabric in this quilt, picked up my IG pic from Wednesday and regrammed it about the IG love!  It was kind of cool to see that and read all of the lovely comments received! 

Even beyond that, I was thrilled a few weeks ago to happen upon a picture of a quilt by Melissa of My Fabric Relish and had to go check it out, and it turns out that an early picture of some of my x plus blocks had provided her some inspiration.  That was seriously cool to read! 

This quilt, whenever I finally get it quilted and bound will be forever special...and all mine!

Monday, January 27, 2014

the sky is falling!!!

Oh it's not...that's just snow that's predicted to in South Carolina...depending on what predictions you look at...some are saying I could get 5-6"...I state again...I live in South Carolina. And before you go laughing and making fun about my state making a big deal about the weather...I live in a place that spends maybe $50 a year on "snow/ice removal."  That's to stockpile sand or salt in the event they need to spread some on major roadways due to ice.  And not all counties have the capability to salt/sand roads...and most roads near where I live will be ignored...Not to mention I live in a place that has 0 snow removal capability.  If it does will be a few days before some areas are clear enough for driving...and some rural areas will be much longer.  So we are all waiting with baited breath for anything to actually happen...should know in a few hours if the kids will be in school idea if I'll even go to work the next few days (if it's as bad as they say it might get).  And as it's supposed to be snow for about 24 hours and then we will enjoy some freezing rain...we'll see how much ice actually accumulates and if we'll have power or not...

So...yeah...maybe the sky is falling...guess I better make plans to stock up on bread and milk (not at all sure why I would need to stock up on those two items...but when in Rome and all that)...and about a case of wine (you know...just in case)...and a bottle of scotch...or something like that...isn't that what gets used to warm someone up that's been exposed to the cold for too long?  Gotta be prepared!

I'll check back in periodically if I'm able (and sober enough) to do so...

I'm kinda hoping for a day or two off with power so that I can sew and sit in my jammies and laugh at my dogs as they proclaim the sky is indeed falling (they're southern...and have no idea what snow is!)...

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

pardon the blackout...

I've been battling computer issues since last fall...and now my computer is back in the shop.  Hopefully this time it actually gets fixed...but until it returns home...I'm once again without means to blog regularly.  I'd say it's a major inconvenience...but there hasn't been a whole lot of sewing happening either.  Hope to rectify that this week! and hope to be back to some regularly scheduled blogging soon!!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

a little bit...

as in I'm feeling a little bit better today.  I haven't left the house since Wednesday when this mutant cold that Guy and Girl had last week attacked me full on.  This cold ain't no joke!  I can't remember the last time I had to miss work due to illness…and then for a cold to be quite so rough.  Maybe I just think it's horribly bad because it has been so long since I've been ill…who knows.  Anyways…

I've got a little bit of sewing accomplished this week.  I finished up the final four x plus blocks:

and that was about when my energy ran out.  So yesterday I got back to doing a little bit of cross stitch (haven't picked up this project in over a year):

and this morning I woke up feeling a little bit more energy and a little bit more human…so I may try to sew some of my x plus blocks together…but I have to lay them out first…so I guess I better get to doing something!

Saturday, January 4, 2014


My Guy and Girl are both on the sickly side that means it's a stay at home kind of day!!  (WOOOOHOOOO! I love stay at home in our jammies days...just wish they weren't sick!)

I'm planning on working on my X Plus blocks...and maybe starting a new quilt (my 2014 goals aren't going to be accomplished just sitting there!!)

So that's what I plan on doing about you?

Thursday, January 2, 2014

ALYoF - January

I've decided to join the fun of A Lovely Year of Finishes for 2014!  I liked having a nice goal set for the month of December and hope to carry it forward.

This month's goal is to get these blocks:

plus the ones I made back in September, into a quilt top by the end of January.  I have 15 more blocks that need to be pieced and then I can start assembling.  I'm really excited about this one, this quilt is all for me!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The final 15 minute challenge...

It's been a few weeks since I've posted a 15 minute challenge post...and I have been sewing and posting regularly, just haven't gotten to actually posting them...but it's Kate's final 15 minute challenge...and I had to post!  Kate has been a great inspiration the past two years for me in reminding me regularly that I need to take some time for me to sew...even if it's only 15 minutes a day!

Tuesday: finished Christmas in St. Louis

Wednesday: none (Christmas Day!)

Thursday:  none

Friday: none

Saturday:  Our Quilt

Sunday:  Our Quilt and Xplus

Monday: Xplus

4 out of 7 during a Holiday week...not bad at all!

I'm sad to say farewell to the 15 minute challenge, but I look forward to what happens next!

2014 goals sewing goals for 2014:
  1. Finish at least 14 quilts in 2014
  2. Make quilt for M and B (who got married 12/26/13!)
  3. Use my stash!  Maybe it's time I started logging on the weekly stash reports that are out there.  
  4. Continue to work on FMQ...don't just stipple everything...not that there is anything wrong with stippling, but it's time to branch out a bit more!
  5. Make a bag for A (who hinted pretty heavily at wanting one)
And that's about it.  I kept the list short and sweet this year...and only #2 and #5 are very specific; well #1 is a bit specific...but other than #2...I have no obligation to make a quilt for anyone...and #2 is because that's what I'd like to gift them!  #1, #3, and #4 are there to help me grow and expand, while not continuing to pile up fabric that I have no plan to use!  I'll try and keep my "'s pretty" buying down to a minimum.  Yeah...definitely going to have to join the stash reports!  I put FMQ back on the list so that I can continue to grow my skills, plus...I really enjoy it.  

I'm really looking forward to this year...I think it's going to be great fun!