Tuesday, June 28, 2011

WIP (with pictures!)

Wow...ok, so this is going to be a long post!  Not sure where to start...but I guess I'll start with this:

which is SIL's quilt,  I worked through the first step and got my layer cakes trimmed down to this and made my binding:

(do not let the top print scare you!  it did me at first...but the entire collection is fabulous and even this louder print works fabulous in the quilt squares!)

 and then the next step got posted...so here is phase 1 of the that step:

and then phase 2:

don't they look a little like cocktail napkins???  LOL!  anywho...now I'm working on phase 3 which is sewing the blocks together, so after that, in phase 4, I piece together the quilt top...so i'm about 70% of the way through phase 3...hope to be on phase 4 by tomorrow evening sometime.

now...the progress on OUR quilt...took this fabric:

got EVERYTHING cut (for the entire quilt top...my poor little rotary cutter!)

 and got to sewing all of the strips together:

and that's where I'm still at...so still I count this as progress!

and now...just because I've likely lost my damn mind...I joined in on this:

and here's my book:

I have totally drank the kool-aid!  Just in case you might be interested in dipping in the fruit punch too...check this fab Flickr group out...and the two fab folks that kicked it all off...Amanda and Angela!

Ok...got some Phase 3 work to do on SIL's quilt...have a few strip pieces of OUR quilt to get stitched together...and now that I've ordered this fabric to add to the remaining stash of OUR quilt fabrics...time to get going on my Farmer's Wife blocks!

somewhere in the middle I'll remember to breathe!


as in...work in progress...as in...ME!  I'm a contstant work in progress!  Also, and I don't have the pics ready to go right now, but I'm working on OUR quilt (got all the fabric cut and have started piecing together the strip blocks) and on my Syncronized Squares quilt (AKA SILs quilt).  Lotss of progress since my last post actually!  Hopefully I'll be able to upload some pics later tonight!  Just wanted to drop in and at least say hey, since it's been awhile since my last post, and now...chat with ya later!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


with my Sister's quilt!  Wooohooo!  See this post for all the info (pattern, fabric, etc.), this post is just for some final pics!

I've started working on the next quilt...but that's a post for another day!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

i may be a fabric junky...

without trying that hard...it was really easy to become one!  I joined the Fat Quarter Shop Moda Fat Quarter and Jelly Roll clubs...so once a month I receive some lovely fat quarters and a jelly roll...and I didn't even have to go shopping!  So far I have received Pom Pom de Paris, Lilac Hill, and I have the fat quarters for Strawberry Fields (jelly roll will arrive closer to the end of the month).   Not to mention my Layer Cakes arrived today, plus the massive pile of fabric I picked up over the weekend. Whatever will I do with all of these??

To start...here are my Layer Cakes for SIL's quilt that I should hopefully be starting tomorrow:

Then we have the stack of fabrics I picked up for OUR quilt:

which is mostly Denyse Schmidt Picnic and Fairgrounds that I picked up at JoAnn's.  I have added in the gray prints, and I think I want a few solids (red, gray, lime, pink, navy...maybe) and then I will have what I need...it may seem like a ton...but...I will only be using a small amount of each for the quilt; or once I start really planning it out...it may all go out the window...but I'm thinking I have plenty of fabric...a few pillows or pillowcases would be great too!

and then I think this:

with a modified version of this pattern (the main image on cover):

will become T's quilt.


will just have to wait for now...and haven't even taken pics of the Strawberry Fields yet (or some of the other bits and pieces I have picked up here and there)...I'll wait til the Jelly roll arrives!  I also now need to redo the sidebar of fabric on deck...maybe it will become Works In Progress....if I post too many photo's of the fabrics I have laying around waiting to be used...Guy might start to catch on that I am a fabric junky!

Monday, June 13, 2011

finish line is in sight!

Phew!  Almost done with quilt for my Sis.  I got the quilting done today and  then trimmed the edges, time to put together the binding and get this quilt out the door!  I used the Random Reflections pattern by KarrieLynn at Freckled Whimsy that she created for Moda Bake Shop!  The fabric is Giddy by Sandy Gervais and a few Bella Solids.  (and I managed to get all the links in there!  woohoo!)  Here is a pic of the quilt front:

and now the quilt back:

and a close up of the piecing on the back (and a big thank you to Guy for being my quilt displayer/model!):

Lots of stuff to share, just no time right now!  Let's put it this way...anxiously awaiting the fabric arrival for SIL's quilt (and the start of the PS I Quilt Synchronized Squares QAL!), AND I drank the kool-aid on this fabric (which I found most of the line at my local JoAnn's), and will be working on a quilt for me and Guy (I'll just refer to it as OUR quilt) using this pattern from Cherri House (in all my spare time of course!)...and gotta decide on a pattern for Tanisha's quilt (will now be referred to as T's quilt!).  and we're OFF!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

on a path to success!

well...finally got the sandwich all made and am quilting my sister's quilt!  should have that finished up in the next few days.

even more exciting...I have finally found fabric for Julia's quilt!  (That's my SIL).  She wanted purple...and I had received some Lilac Hill fabric, but it just didn't scream SIL to me...and then...found out about this

and decided I would make SIL's quilt with the quilt along...and went shopping for my layer cakes...and came across this fabric line:

and decided...THAT'S IT!  So now I just anxiously await the arrival of my new fabric...and hopefully in time for the start of the quilt along at PS I Quilt.  


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You're not done yet???!!?!

So that's what Guy said to me Sunday evening...you're not done with your sister's quilt yet?  Let's just say that I snorted at him, rolled my eyes, and barely restrained myself from flipping him the bird.  See...had all of these great intentions of finishing her quilt over this past weekend...but...my sleep schedule was all messed up...and well...I was tired!  I had done some work on the back of the quilt...had actually gotten this done by Friday/Saturday:

and on Saturday evening I had finished this piece:

but on Sunday...they just sat there, not joined together, not even in the same general vicinity of each other.  SO today...being Monday night/Tuesday morning...as I attempt to stay up til 5 or 6 am (to get myself back on a night shift schedule)...I finally put the two together and now have this:

actually, after that, still feeling somewhat energetic...I now actually have this:

a nicely pressed quilt top and back...ready for basting, quilting and binding...not sure I'm going to get to that tonight...we'll see how I feel after I finish this post and down some caffeine...I may just be up to cruising the internet and eating random junk food!