Tuesday, June 14, 2011

i may be a fabric junky...

without trying that hard...it was really easy to become one!  I joined the Fat Quarter Shop Moda Fat Quarter and Jelly Roll clubs...so once a month I receive some lovely fat quarters and a jelly roll...and I didn't even have to go shopping!  So far I have received Pom Pom de Paris, Lilac Hill, and I have the fat quarters for Strawberry Fields (jelly roll will arrive closer to the end of the month).   Not to mention my Layer Cakes arrived today, plus the massive pile of fabric I picked up over the weekend. Whatever will I do with all of these??

To start...here are my Layer Cakes for SIL's quilt that I should hopefully be starting tomorrow:

Then we have the stack of fabrics I picked up for OUR quilt:

which is mostly Denyse Schmidt Picnic and Fairgrounds that I picked up at JoAnn's.  I have added in the gray prints, and I think I want a few solids (red, gray, lime, pink, navy...maybe) and then I will have what I need...it may seem like a ton...but...I will only be using a small amount of each for the quilt; or once I start really planning it out...it may all go out the window...but I'm thinking I have plenty of fabric...a few pillows or pillowcases would be great too!

and then I think this:

with a modified version of this pattern (the main image on cover):

will become T's quilt.


will just have to wait for now...and haven't even taken pics of the Strawberry Fields yet (or some of the other bits and pieces I have picked up here and there)...I'll wait til the Jelly roll arrives!  I also now need to redo the sidebar of fabric on deck...maybe it will become Works In Progress....if I post too many photo's of the fabrics I have laying around waiting to be used...Guy might start to catch on that I am a fabric junky!

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