Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Today might be the day

That I finally get to cranking on block 9 of my Terrain Swoon quilt! We shall see...I've been working nights...and worked from 10 last night until almost 10 this morning...and now I am sitting around in a waiting HOPEFULLY by the time I get home I'll still have some energy and make today the day I finish that block!

But even if it doesn't turn out to be the day for is definitely the day for Girl! I'm sitting in the waiting area as they remove her braces! She has been so excited the past few days! Up next,..retainer!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

7 and 8

Finally!  I first started working on Block #7 of my Terrain Swoon back here.  Well over this past weekend, I finally finished that block!

After all my hemming and hawing about what to do...I just decided I wasn't going to start anything new until I could at least make strides towards finishing something!  And once I got going on Block #7...I was in the zone:

once #7 was finished I realized hey...two more and then you have all the blocks done!  So I got going on #8:

and I was so happy that I was nearing the finish line on Swoon blocks...that I pulled out the fabric for #9:

and that's pretty much where it has sat for the past 4 time to really even get started on it!  So close and yet so far...

Here are Blocks #1-8...

I figure once I get more than a few minutes to myself...I'll finally get Block #9 done...hopefully in less time than it took to finish #7!

Friday, April 13, 2012

What to do...

I am having a bit of a dilemma...lots of projects waiting to be finished...lots of motivation to sew...but no idea where to start...I am wanting to start a new project...but...I want to clear something off my list first...but no idea which project I am really feeling the call to finish...I'll let you know when I figure out what I'm going to do! LOL!

Saturday, April 7, 2012


I'm so happy...I had such a fabulous vacation...AND...did some sewing while on vacation!  I tried very hard to get several quilts finished before our little trip (see here)...but didn't quite make the progress I was Goldie got to go on vacation with us!  I had a blast visiting Texas and my FAB-U-LOUS family...and the look on my niece's face when we talked about finishing her "blanket" was FAN-FLIPPING-TASTIC!  She helped me push the pedal as I finished up the last bit of binding on her quilt!

Without further is my Prince CHARMing quilt:

and the back:

I used a variegated thread by mettler for the quilting and I LOVED IT!  I will definitely be using this again!  Details: Fabric - Prince Charming by Tula Pink, Aviary 2 by Joel Dewberry and Quilting Cotton in Indigo, piecing and quilting thread from Mettler.

and here is the Pink Princess quilt:

and the back:

I used Always and Forever by Deb Strain for both the top and quilt back and a straight up Mettler white for piecing and quilting (must admit...might have used some Gutterman at one point).  I followed this tutorial for the quilt top.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE both quilts...they make me smile!  And I'm feeling pretty sure that the recipients smiled too!

And for one final awesome sis' house lends itself so well to photographing I got a pic of all three quilts that I managed to get delivered:

yeah...may have to print that pic out and scrapbook it or something as I adore all of them!

Had an Am-AH-zing week hanging out with my them all...they ROCK!  I have one more quilt to finish up for the baby...but she'll forgive me that it wasn't delivered in person!  Love my family!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Happy Tuesday! I have been too busy to post anything lately as I am on vacation! (woohoo me!). I was so lucky to have the chance to visit a FABULOUS store while on my little trip that I had to go to the app store and download the blogger app so I could post about it for you!

Quilt Asylum is located in McKinney, Texas And is a gorgeous store! Laid out beautifully everything is easy to find, the latest fabrics in stock, lots of patterns and kits, and fabulous staff to help you out!

My fave part...they had all of the re-release of Flea Market Fancy in yardage and already cut in I had to pick up some!

Best part...they sell online and ship everywhere...I will be visiting them via the web!