Thursday, April 19, 2012

7 and 8

Finally!  I first started working on Block #7 of my Terrain Swoon back here.  Well over this past weekend, I finally finished that block!

After all my hemming and hawing about what to do...I just decided I wasn't going to start anything new until I could at least make strides towards finishing something!  And once I got going on Block #7...I was in the zone:

once #7 was finished I realized hey...two more and then you have all the blocks done!  So I got going on #8:

and I was so happy that I was nearing the finish line on Swoon blocks...that I pulled out the fabric for #9:

and that's pretty much where it has sat for the past 4 time to really even get started on it!  So close and yet so far...

Here are Blocks #1-8...

I figure once I get more than a few minutes to myself...I'll finally get Block #9 done...hopefully in less time than it took to finish #7!

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  1. so pretty! I am using Terrain on my Swoon blocks too. Love it!


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