Saturday, October 20, 2018

something new...

So I decided I had to start a new project (am I the only one that gets this way as soon as the weather gets a little cooler???).  I'd been thinking about this one for a long while and I'm really glad I went ahead and got started.  I pulled all the fabric from my stash

and got a few blocks done in a short time last weekend.

and now it's time to get back to it!  Happy Saturday all!

Friday, October 12, 2018

this or that...or what about that

Just dropping in to share some of the stuff I've been working on over the past 6 weeks or so...

It started with National Jelly Roll day...where I grabbed this jelly roll out of my stash and got to work...unfortunately I never took a pic of how far I got (I'm ready to piece blocks), so I'll have to correct that later.

and in the middle of that, I put together a couple of these pineapple blocks

Then because I had been digging through my stash deciding what jelly roll to use I came across what ended up being around 4 or 5 charm packs:

and tossed those together into a quilt top (setting aside the jelly roll), while pulling out an ancient WIP (not my oldest by far though) as a leader ender and now I've got one quilt top done and another needing borders...

and not to settle down and actually get one finished, I moved on to piecing pumpkin blocks together (originally started over a year ago) 

and I actually have a few rows completed...

But now I think I want to start a new quilt (figures)...or I'll abandon the sewing room again and get back to hand stitching on this project...

or I'll just sit around and watch TV...gotta keep my options open!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

the move in quilt

Well, thanks to a ridiculous trimming error on my part (i read the directions 3 times and still managed to trim my flying geese to the wrong size) I was unable to complete THE graduation quilt prior to dorm move in day.  Thankfully I had a quilt top that was designated to go to my girl that could be finished fairly quickly.

This Thicket quilt was gifted for Christmas 2016 and then sat in the "i'll finish that soon" pile for over 18 months.

The backing fabric used was a large piece of Anna Maria Horner Woodcut that I'd gotten ages ago and a feather print fabric that has only sat in my stash for about a year.

My girl helped out getting this one basted and prepped for quilting and it was nice to have that bit of time just doing something simple together.

I'm pretty pleased with how this one came out

and that it was the perfect finishing touch to her new bed in her new "home" (for the next 9 months at least).

and now I need to think about moving another quilt from the "to be finished" to the "finished" pile.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

THE graduation quilt

Well I have finally gotten around to starting THE graduation quilt...the one for my one and only baby girl!

The focal fabric and others were sort of purchased together, but not actually to be used together.  The original focal fabric was in black and white (not pictured) but my girl wanted her quilt to be bright and colorful.  The fat quarters and such were purchased when I bought the black and white fabric and happened to work perfectly with the new fabric.  So I finally got everything cut out (pictured above) and have very very slowly been piecing some blocks together.

But move in day is now right about three weeks I better step it up...lots more flying geese to piece.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Jax - the quilt

This particular quilt has been waiting to be made for almost 2 years.  And then I got the quilt top done in January, but then it sat...until last weekend when the person who gave me the fabric to make her husband a quilt reached out and asked about it...and boom...had to get it done.  Sometimes we just need a kick in the pants!

My friend had the Jags fabric, several yards, so I had to figure out the best way to make use of the fabric.  For the top I used several fabrics from my stash to bring out the team colors:

For the back, I kept the Jags the focus:

Fabric: Jacksonville Jaguars fabric, various squared elements from stash, chevrons were moda (I think); various solids
Pattern: Double Slice layer Cake Quilt by Missouri Star Quilt Company

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Grad quilt part 2

Completed this grad quilt this morning, just in time for a wash and dry before it was out the door to be delivered:

I originally finished the quilt top in July 2016, and thankfully when no other fabric pull from the stash would work for this particular grad's daughter and I pulled this one and out and she declared it perfect!  Quilted yesterday evening and today and then it was out the door.

I later received this pic, and it looks like the recipient was pretty happy:

Fabric: Mustang by Melody Miller, various gray fabrics from the stash, Bella Smoke for binding and several background pieces; backing came from Joanne Fabrics, unknown designer
Pattern: Lap of Luxe

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Graduation quilts

I am making 3-4 graduation quilts this of which was for my daughters friend who happens to be an Iron Man fan:

The quilt was gifted at his graduation/birthday party and he seemed pretty happy with it!  I was able to piece and quilt this in about a week (thank goodness!).

A closer look at some of the fabrics:

Fabric: mix from stash - lots of Hometown by Sweetwater and Comma from Zen Chic
Pattern: Scrappy Strips Quilt by Cluck Cluck Sew