Saturday, September 29, 2012

15 minute challenge...week 10&11 (a few days late)

So I finally got Goldie back...and got a bit of stitching it's time to recap what I've done over the past two weeks and link up at Life in Pieces...I won't be breaking it down by day...let's just say some days I sewed, some days I didn't!  But what I can share some pics!

1.  Pieced together the Christmas quilt top. (Pictures are here, no need to post the same pic multiple times!)

2.  Got the September block done for the FQS 2012 Designer Mystery BOM.

and all 4 of the completed blocks together:

3.  Got the May and June blocks done for the HST BOM over at In Color Order.  Well what I really did was get May done, and June HSTs done...finished putting the June block together today!  (counts towards my week 12 15 mins a day!)

and just is a pic of all 6 of my HST BOM blocks:

and now...I still have almost 6 hours before my Longhorns time do some more sewing!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

FNSI...the results!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!  I only got a little bit of sewing done on Friday as part of Friday Night Sew In...we had a big day ahead on Saturday so I couldn't stay up as late as I normally would have tried! is what I was able to get accomplished:

1: purchased fabric earlier in the day to go with my Christmas quilt:

the black and green are from Share the Joy by Deb Strain, the cream is from Christmas Spirit by Holly Taylor.

2: pieced together my disappearing 9-patch blocks for my Christmas quilt (which I am now thinking I might want to make a few more 9-patches to increase the overall size...I don't want it to be ALL borders!):

The fabric is Countdown to Christmas by Sweetwater, and I have a couple of fat quarters from this line that I may go ahead and cut into charms and piece a few more blocks.

3: cut all the fabric and did a tiny bit of piecing (1/2 the red blocks) for the September block in the FQS 2012 Mystery BOM. (the rest of the sewing on this block is what I did on Saturday night).

and that's a wrap!

Friday, September 21, 2012

wooohooo! it's FNSI!

I'm beyond excited!  I only just posted on Wednesday of how I was having to do without my dear Goldie (in shop for clean and service) when I get the call (actually the voicemail) last night telling me she was ready for pick up!  So off I went today to snatch her back up!  Even better...she arrives home just in time for Friday Night Sew In!!!  So while I was at the store...I did manage to pick up some fabric so that I can finish piecing together my Christmas quilt top...and then I picked up some basting spray so that I could get the T-shirt quilt basted (you know...once I put the backing together)...and some of the clover wonder clips, so maybe I'll get to binding that Paris Race much to do!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I'm lost...completely poor Goldie is in the shop!  It was time for a check up...she was just getting all snippy with me over the littlest I took her in last Friday...and now I'm without...and looks like I will be for about two weeks.  (they waited to tell me that the service guy was going on vacation this week until AFTER they had Goldie in the back on a shelf...I should have asked for her back...but she really needs the visit). what is a girl to do???  My first machine no longer lives with I'm considering another machine (a small one for piecing only)...but I'm not really being very active on that instead I'm just pouting and hanging out staring at the empty spot on my sewing table.  Hmmm...perhaps I should work on the Pinocchio cross  stitch that is staring at me from that deep shelf...or maybe I'll just pout some more...LOL!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

15 minute challenge...week 9

Let's keep it simple...I sewed ONE day this past week.  In that day I managed to do all 105 minutes (and then a few more) that would normally take place if I sewed for 15 minutes a I'm calling it a good week!

My project I worked on was my Christmas quilt!  Using 2 Countdown to Christmas charm packs by Sweetwater and a disappearing 9 we go:

Laying it all out

all 9 of my 9 patches

now 9 sliced, flipped, and re-sewn blocks!

Next up will be piecing these 9 blocks together.  Loving how this quilt is going to look when it's finished!  I'm planning on adding borders to increase the overall size!  Now I'm off to visit Life in Pieces and see how everyone else did this week!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

15 minute challenge...week 8

so let's just dive in:

Tuesday: Paris Race

Wednesday: none

Thursday: Paris Race

Friday: none

Saturday: Paris Race

Sunday: Swoon and T-shirt Quilt tops finished

Monday: nothing - traveling for business

I spent most of the week sewing for exactly 15 minutes (even set a timer!) just to make it happen.   The majority of the time was spent getting Paris Race quilted.

Now that the Terrain Swoon quilt top is finished, I really have to figure out what I'm going to do for the backing.

In the mean time, I'm ready to get started on my Christmas quilt...I'm going to be using Sweetwater's Countdown to Christmas and I think I'm going to do it using a disappearing nine patch pattern.  (got a couple of charm packs...gotta use them up!).  So that's the next new thing to add to the list.  We'll see how it goes!

Linking up at Life in Pieces.  Have a great week!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

2012 Goals Update

it's been a long while since I looked at and/or updated my goals for 2012 (last updated here):

1.  Finish T's Quilt (hasn't been touched since December 10th 2011) haven't touched be honest I've kinda fallen out of love with this quilt.  But...I'm actually working on a different quilt for T.  So this goal may be met...but with a different quilt than originally intended (which will make the original quilt another WIP/UFO...but I can accept that)

2.  Finish OUR Quilt (not touched since August 2011) untouched still

3.  Complete at least 2 FWQAL blocks a month (this was becoming an overwhelming project last year, so I'm hoping to keep it honest and accept that it won't be 2 blocks a week!) NOT HAPPENING!  Another project that I've really just fallen out of love with!  It's way back burner right we'll see.

4.  Blog at least once a week I actually think this has gone pretty well.  I may have missed a week once or twice...but that's life and I'm really pleased to see the total number of posts have increased regularly!

5.  Complete Pinocchio Cross Stitch it's been awhile...

6.  Relocate sewing space to craft room (currently sew in the living room, and rarely use my office/craft room...I want that changed!  will also require a LOT of reorganizing and cleaning and getting rid of stuff!) zero/zilch/nada...the logistics and the desk are making this really unlikely to happen.

7.  Make a Christmas Quilt in time for it to be used at Christmas!  (so wanted to do this last year...didn't get around to it!) nothing so far.  but it's next on my list!

8.  Make at least one quilt just for me! using my Flea Market Fancy in the HST this is officially in progress 

9.  Attempt applique on at least one quilt (mini-quilt would work here!) not yet

10.  Make Swoon Terrain Quilt so so so close!  to getting the quilt top done at least, which is so silly as I only have ONE border left to a matter of fact...that's my weekend goal!

11.  Attempt FMQ!  DONE!  

12.  Quilt and bind Girls SQ (before Halloween!) DONE!

13.  Finish Strawberry Swoon (at least do something with the blocks that have been made!) nada

So I crossed off item 12, making progress on item 8 and 10, and some changes to item 1 will mean it's complete the list looking quite as good as I would have liked for it to be already September??  NO...BUT...I'm pretty happy with what has been accomplished!