Sunday, January 15, 2012

Project Quilting, S3, Challenge #1


Oh wow...I was initially really stumped when the first challenge for this season of Project Quilting was posted...I had NO idea what I was going to do...and I love architecture, in particular that of Frank Lloyd Wright...something about the clean lines, modern feel...yet at harmony with it's environment...but how to convey that in a quilted piece...

so I hit the internet...just a random "architecture" in the search bar, and then images...and of the first ones up:

image from Pleat Farm 
Chapel in Villeaceron by S-M.A.O. 

I was blown away!  And I knew instantly what my inspiration would be...sort first I thought I could create a reproduction of the image above using fabric...but I was really concerned about working with so many angles and having to bind an incredibly odd shaped piece...but I was intrigued by the play of shadows and how the color of the building appeared to change depending on the angle of the sun, where the photo was taken from, etc.  I then came across this image:

image from Pleat Farm

and BOOM!  I knew exactly what I wanted to do!  I love how the view inside the building, with the sunlight coming in the windows created so many different angles and shapes, so my goal became to recreate the above image, using only solids, to give the play on light and dark.

Here is my piece:

I love it!  It finishes approx. 13 x 15 and all fabrics were pulled from my stash and scrap pile.  The thread used for the quilting (Gutterman) was $2.77 on sale.

Oh and note the FMQ?  Yeppers!  Cross off 2012 Goall #11!  More on that later!

You can check out the other Project Quilting projects at the PQ Flickr group.


  1. Love your project quilting quilt! Love the way your played with the light and gradually added the darker shades to the outer edge. Cool Quilt!

  2. This is great! I love your interpretation of hte building. The outside picture would also make a nice quilt design. The building almost looks like a quilt! Great job!


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