Saturday, January 7, 2012

making progress...with a little help from the web!

So happy it's the weekend...and we've been completely lazy today!  I've done some stitching...and some web's where I'm at...

Spent some time working on Coming Home Ruby:

almost done putting the second border on!  I'm going very slowwww...not trying to feel rushed or pushed to finish!  (heck...i'm even pinning...and I will normally do anything to avoid using pins!!!!)

I spent a little bit of time on some cross stitch...working towards 2012 goal #5... the web hopping...found out some other folks out there have had similar intentions to finishing up a Swoon quilt, and thankfully Katy Jones from Fat Quarterly has decided to host this:

The Swoon-Along!  This will definitely help me out towards completing 2012 goal #10!!!!   Here is the fabric I'll be using (bought months ago for just this purpose) and the Swoon-tastic pattern:

and's time for some football (I have to me some NFL Gameday Morning on the NFL Network...these guys crack me up!!!)!  Later!

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