Tuesday, January 29, 2013

15 minute challenge...week 29

Happy Tuesday!  Time to check in with Kate at Life in Pieces for the 15 minute challenge!

Tuesday: Scrappy Trip

Wednesday: none

Thursday: none

Friday: Scrappy Trip

Saturday: Scrappy Trip

Sunday: Starburst

Monday: none

Ok...4 of 7, I'm gonna call that a-ok for this week.  Overall for the month of January I have done pretty good, had a few machine related setbacks, but did a decent job of setting and maintaining some kind of schedule for my sewing time.  I hope to continue to schedule my sewing time, so that I'm not missing out on some me time!

In other news...got word today the other part for my machine Goldie has arrived and (fingers crossed) I should have her back by Friday.  Woohoo!  I'm going to stay positive that this part will fix her and we have no more problems!

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Well, I got started kind of late on my Friday Night sewing for FNSI, but I did get a little bit of stitching done.  I worked solely on my Scrappy Trip Along blocks, and actually had a lot of success in the preparation more than the completion.

I finished 2 Scrappy Trip blocks, got 3 more in the final prep stage, and got enough fabric cut for at least 3 more blocks.

That put me at 17 finished blocks, and everything laid out to get me to 23 blocks.  I think I want to have at least 35 for my final quilt top.  I have some other stitching I need to finish up today, so I'll be using my Scrappy Trip stuff for leaders/enders.

Here is a pic of all of my finished (so far) blocks laid out:

and now I'm off to spend today stitching away!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Big girl pants...

...time for me to pull them up.  I have been very pouty the last few days and zero sewing has been accomplished because of that.  Last Friday I got word that they had figured out what was wrong with Goldie (my main machine) and that the part had been ordered, and would be done this week.

My dear Guy called them on Tuesday to check the status to be told it would be ready that night or Wednesday.  I did the happy dance!

Less than 24 hours later they called us...the part they replaced did not completely fix the problem...they have had to order another part.

So we are approaching 3 weeks without my main gal!  And I started to pout.

Now, let me say that the dealer I got Goldie through is very reputable, and have been fabulous for the past two years that I've had Goldie.  None of my disgruntlement has anything whatsoever to do with them!  This is me just plain feeling sorry for myself.

Since Goldie has been in the shop, I have done lots o' piecing on little Bitty.  But what I really want to be doing is FINISHING some quilts!  So I had to walk away from Bitty the other day.  My creative outlet needs were not being met.

Well...enough is enough...time to get over it!  This is what I have to work with, and I must make the best of it!   It also happens to be the first Friday Night Sew In of the year...so an even better reason to get my rear in gear!  So off I go to piece away...and to apologize to Bitty for being so rude ;)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

15 minute challenge...week 28

Tuesday: Sisters' Ten, Scrappy Trip

Wednesday: none

Thursday: Sisters' Ten

Friday: Starburst (cutting)

Saturday: Starburst (cutting)

Sunday: Scrappy Trip

Monday: Scrappy Trip

This week was much harder to stay on schedule and get my tail end to the sewing table...and when I did...it was often ONLY for 15 minutes (back to setting a timer for myself!).  The switch to nights has been a little rougher than I anticipated, and my original schedule goals of sewing before work just wasn't happening as the week progressed.

I do not normally work nights at this time of the year, usually it's during the spring/early summer time (April-May).  My day job is as a Nuclear Operations Instructor at a nuclear power plant.  Every year the licensed operators at the plant are required to take a requalification exam.  I've been part of the development team for that exam for the past 3-4 years.  Unfortunately to develop this exam requires us to work odd hours, hence the night shift.

Goldie is STILL in the shop...hopefully the needed part arrived today and I'll be getting her back soon.

Overall, I'm hanging in there, getting bits and pieces done here and there!  Time for me to link up over at Life in Pieces and see how everyone did this week!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

There is something very addictive...

...about a Quilt-a-long!  After first seeing the posts for the Starburst Quilt-A-Long by Melissa at Happy Quilting...I really wanted to...but told myself to wait and see...wait and see if in the midst of this crazy work schedule I'm on that I would have time to play along!  So I got up Friday after the best sleep I've had all week...and went...hmmmm...why not!

Thankfully I have LOTS of FQs in my stash.  After taking a look at all of them, I decided to go with Prairie Paisley 2 by Minick and Simpson and make myself a Red, White and Blue quilt!!!  (I'm very excited to see how this one comes out!).

I laid all 12 FQs out to decide what would make up what part of my stars:

Then I got to cutting (making the 32" blocks), and here it all is:

and a closer look at the fabric for the stars:

I have not cut out the sashing strips yet, I want to see how the blocks look and perhaps go a little scrappy with the sashing.  

Since I have tomorrow off from work (woohoo!), I'm hoping to be able to start on the next part of the QAL as soon as it's posted!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Sisters' Ten BOM - January

After much hemming and hawing...and staring at the lovely Sisters' Ten BOM January blocks that have been popping into the flickr group...I finally got down to putting my blocks together!

January Block 1:

January Block 2:

I have to admit...block 2 is my favorite...but when I put them together:

block 1 has some things going on that I really like also!  And I love how different the two blocks are, even though it's the same pattern for each!  I'm very excited to see how this all turns out in the end!  Can't wait for February!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

15 minute challenge...week 27

Even though I had a machine set back...I only missed one day this week in the 15 minute challenge!

Tuesday: none

Wednesday: Scrappy Trip

Thursday: Scrappy Trip and HST BOM

Friday: Scrappy Trip and HST BOM

Saturday: Scrappy Trip

Sunday: Sisters' Ten BOM

and as much as I am enjoying Bitty and getting lots of piecing done (10 Scrappy Trip blocks, and HST BOM sewn in rows and all sashing ready to go)...I'm ready to finish some stuff...and for that I need Goldie back.  Hopefully we'll hear something soon on her progress and if she can be fixed.

Schedule wise...it's working out fairly well.  Except on the weekends.  It was difficult this weekend getting some sewing time in...mainly because we had beautiful, warm weather...so we spent a great deal of time running around, going to the zoo, spending time with friends...that I got a few minutes done in the morning and that was about it!  This week my work schedule shifts to 11 pm to 9 am, so we'll see how the first few days go as I transition to daytime sleeping.  So far, doing my stitching while my breakfast settles (before my workout) is working out, hopefully the shift in schedule doesn't throw that off.

Linking up at Life in Pieces to see how everyone is doing with their 15 minutes and scheduling!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

ummm...it's Saturday

yeah...got nothing in the way of a title here...been out and about most of the day...but did get a little bit of stitching in this morning, so now I'm up to 10 blocks for the Scrappy Trip quilt:

no idea how many I'll actually make...I'm wanting to work on a few other things.

Speaking of...finally settled on what Notting Hill (Joel Dewberry) prints I am going to use for the Sisters' Ten modern BOM:

I added a few Bike Path prints from Lucky Penny by Alison Glass to give a little "grounding" to the others.  I was worried it all might get too busy.  I may add some other solids than the light blue, but we'll see over time!

Goldie...my main gal (machine) is still not home...and still no idea how much longer she'll be away.  Bitty is holding up pretty good...but I've got a powerful urge to quilt something!  I still have Rainbow Star that needs its quilting finished...and at least 2 tops finished so far in 2013 that need backing/basting and quilting...but I must have patience!  (bleck!!!).

Thursday, January 10, 2013

meet Bitty

Well...an update on Goldie (my machine)...she's currently in hospital...and I have no idea how long she will be there.  The general assumption is that her power supply has failed and they are sure they can fix it (which is good news).  So, there I was...no machine...I lasted a day.   Meet Bitty:

She's tiny, powerful...and great for piecing!  I didn't want to spend hardly anything on another machine, but the truth is...it's desperately needed!  So I did a bit of research, and went and picked her up yesterday.   And so far, we've been stitching madly away at some Scrappy Trip Along blocks!

I have the above 4 finished...and 3-4 more somewhere in the process.  These blocks are a lot of fun to put together!  So off I go...time to get some more stitching done before the rest of my day kicks in!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

15 minute challenge...week 26!

The first stitchy week of 2013, and time to check in with the 15 minute Challenge over at Life in Pieces!

Tuesday: Good Fortune

Wednesday: Good Fortune

Thursday: none

Friday: Good Fortune, Shake n' Bake 2

Saturday: Good Fortune, Shake n' Bake 2

Sunday: Shake n' Bake 2, HST BOM

Monday: HST BOM, Scrappy Trip

6 of 7 ain't bad!  Kate has added a monthly theme as part of this year's challenge, and for January, that theme is "Set a Schedule."  And I've been contemplating that quite a bit the past few days.  For the next few months, my work schedule will be a bit wonky, and I have thought about when I will be sleeping, when will I be getting up, when will I plan on working out...and figured out the best time for me to be sewing during all of this.  And to be honest, sewing was the last thing I thought about, figured I'd just get to the machine whenever.  Thankfully I fixed myself on that one, and have figured out when I will be doing what.  Thankfully this is a schedule not hard fixed to a specific time on the clock, but able to shift based on my work hours.  This week I'll be working 2:30 pm - 12:30 am...so i'll be up around 9 am (or earlier), eat breakfast, sew while my food digests a bit, then get my work out in, then get ready for work/eat a light lunch/pack dinner, etc.  Next week my hours shift to 11 pm - 9 am, and my "schedule" will shift with me.  We'll see how this goes over the next two weeks.  I do worry about "over scheduling" myself, as in on Monday's work on this quilt, on Tuesday's this one, etc.  That kind of kills my creativity, as I like to kind of wing it...work on this one here...this one there...we'll see how it goes!

quick edit:  got home from work last night, did a bit of stitching to calm my brain down before bed...and my machine died.  one minute it's up and running and stitching...the next it's dark and cold and dead.  the power cord and plug are all working fine...machine has bit the dust.  so we'll see if I can schedule some time to get it to the repair shop! another edit:  Guy seems to think it's the cord, (and because I know ZILCH about how any of this stuff works, I'm willing to go along with that), and hopefully we'll be able to replace it quickly!   ummm...it's not the cord, it's the machine (probably the power supply), but I may not know for 1-2 weeks...ick...this is my only machine...so I'm going to have to make some decisions here soon...

Monday, January 7, 2013

doing a bit of traveling...

with the Scrappy Trip Along!  I've seen the blocks popping up everywhere...and I just couldn't resist, had just enough time today before getting ready for work to get one done!

LOVE LOVE LOVE!  Tutorial can be found here, flickr group here. or if you are on instagram, check hashtag #scrappytripalong

Sunday, January 6, 2013

just keep stitching...

I'm all out of catchy blog post titles, not that I have too many that are that catchy...anyways...here is what I've been up to this weekend!

I pieced together the Layers of Good Fortune quilt top:

and the Shake n' Bake 2 quilt top:

and today I started getting all the pieces together to finish the HST BOM quilt top:

It's almost time to get back to doing some quilting!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

layers of Good Fortune

that's what I'm calling this particular quilt.  1.  because I used a Layer Cake and 2. because the name of the fabric is Good Fortune (aren't I just awesome at quilt naming!).

I'm using the Easy as Pie Layer Cake Quilt pattern by Sherri from A Quilting Life (pattern posted at Moda Bake Shop).
What I really love about this particular pattern is that it lends itself well to time blocks, as in, I only have this much time, or I've got 15 minutes to sew so what can I do, etc. 

Progress is slow but steady!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

15 minute challenge, weeks 24 and 25!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm very excited to be in 2013! 

Week 24 (Dec. 18 - 24)

Tuesday: none
Wednesday: none
Thursday: hexies
Friday: hexies
Saturday: none
Sunday: hexies, bound California Girl, quilting Rainbow Star
Monday: quilting Rainbow Star

Week 25 (Dec. 25 - 31)

Tuesday: none
Wednesday: quilting Rainbow Star
Thursday: quilting Rainbow Star
Friday: none
Saturday: none
Sunday: completed November and December HST BOM blocks, did a little piecing on Shake n' Bake 2, started a new project
Monday: piecing new project

Not too bad...considering the amount of time we spent traveling over the two weeks, and all of the Holiday hoopla...not too bad at all.

Linking up over at Life in Pieces, very excited about the new themes that will be playing a part in the 2013, 15 minute challenge.

2013 goals

So here we go...what I'd like to accomplish in 2013:

  1. Work on FMQ.  I really would like to improve in this area (not that it will take much to improve!!!)
  2. Make Girl a Christmas Quilt (fabric is already picked out, pattern is already picked out, just need to do!)
  3. Make a quilt for me (Sister's TEN BOM)
  4. Finish Terrain Swoon (quilt top is made, need to make the backing and get this puppy quilted and finished!)
  5. Make a quilt for Guy 
  6. Attend Sew South Retreat (this should be easy!!! :) )
  7. Make Christmas gift quilts for 2 of my nieces (I really want to get this done EARLY this year!!!)
  8. Move my sewing space upstairs (this was a goal in 2012, had to extend the goal, need more time to accomplish it!)
  9. Make a bottled rainbow quilt (really looking forward to this!!!)
  10. Continue with the 15 minutes a day challenge!
So there we go, not too shabby.  I tried to re-focus my goals to the more realistic, and find areas that I really want to improve upon.  The biggest one is FMQ, I enjoy FMQing, but I want to do more (and make it look like it INTENDED to look like!).  I am also getting so very excited about attending Sew South Retreat (just a few months away!!).  I fell in love with the Rainbow quilts I made in 2012, so I plan to make more in 2013 (and beyond).  Most of all...the 15 minutes a day challenge really improved my sewing time and what I accomplished in 2012, I am very much looking forward to continuing in 2013.