Tuesday, January 8, 2013

15 minute challenge...week 26!

The first stitchy week of 2013, and time to check in with the 15 minute Challenge over at Life in Pieces!

Tuesday: Good Fortune

Wednesday: Good Fortune

Thursday: none

Friday: Good Fortune, Shake n' Bake 2

Saturday: Good Fortune, Shake n' Bake 2

Sunday: Shake n' Bake 2, HST BOM

Monday: HST BOM, Scrappy Trip

6 of 7 ain't bad!  Kate has added a monthly theme as part of this year's challenge, and for January, that theme is "Set a Schedule."  And I've been contemplating that quite a bit the past few days.  For the next few months, my work schedule will be a bit wonky, and I have thought about when I will be sleeping, when will I be getting up, when will I plan on working out...and figured out the best time for me to be sewing during all of this.  And to be honest, sewing was the last thing I thought about, figured I'd just get to the machine whenever.  Thankfully I fixed myself on that one, and have figured out when I will be doing what.  Thankfully this is a schedule not hard fixed to a specific time on the clock, but able to shift based on my work hours.  This week I'll be working 2:30 pm - 12:30 am...so i'll be up around 9 am (or earlier), eat breakfast, sew while my food digests a bit, then get my work out in, then get ready for work/eat a light lunch/pack dinner, etc.  Next week my hours shift to 11 pm - 9 am, and my "schedule" will shift with me.  We'll see how this goes over the next two weeks.  I do worry about "over scheduling" myself, as in on Monday's work on this quilt, on Tuesday's this one, etc.  That kind of kills my creativity, as I like to kind of wing it...work on this one here...this one there...we'll see how it goes!

quick edit:  got home from work last night, did a bit of stitching to calm my brain down before bed...and my machine died.  one minute it's up and running and stitching...the next it's dark and cold and dead.  the power cord and plug are all working fine...machine has bit the dust.  so we'll see if I can schedule some time to get it to the repair shop! another edit:  Guy seems to think it's the cord, (and because I know ZILCH about how any of this stuff works, I'm willing to go along with that), and hopefully we'll be able to replace it quickly!   ummm...it's not the cord, it's the machine (probably the power supply), but I may not know for 1-2 weeks...ick...this is my only machine...so I'm going to have to make some decisions here soon...


  1. Nice week. love the names of your quilts!

  2. Great week for stitching. Sorry for the machine trouble, hope you can get it fixed soon.


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