Tuesday, January 22, 2013

15 minute challenge...week 28

Tuesday: Sisters' Ten, Scrappy Trip

Wednesday: none

Thursday: Sisters' Ten

Friday: Starburst (cutting)

Saturday: Starburst (cutting)

Sunday: Scrappy Trip

Monday: Scrappy Trip

This week was much harder to stay on schedule and get my tail end to the sewing table...and when I did...it was often ONLY for 15 minutes (back to setting a timer for myself!).  The switch to nights has been a little rougher than I anticipated, and my original schedule goals of sewing before work just wasn't happening as the week progressed.

I do not normally work nights at this time of the year, usually it's during the spring/early summer time (April-May).  My day job is as a Nuclear Operations Instructor at a nuclear power plant.  Every year the licensed operators at the plant are required to take a requalification exam.  I've been part of the development team for that exam for the past 3-4 years.  Unfortunately to develop this exam requires us to work odd hours, hence the night shift.

Goldie is STILL in the shop...hopefully the needed part arrived today and I'll be getting her back soon.

Overall, I'm hanging in there, getting bits and pieces done here and there!  Time for me to link up over at Life in Pieces and see how everyone did this week!


  1. great week, 6 out of 7. and at least you have a good reason for "only" doing 15 minutes.

  2. Great week, especially when you are dealing with such a dramatic schedule change. Even though it's only 15 minutes, it means you are still making progress, just not a lot. But at the end of a month or the year, it can all really add up.


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