Tuesday, January 1, 2013

15 minute challenge, weeks 24 and 25!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm very excited to be in 2013! 

Week 24 (Dec. 18 - 24)

Tuesday: none
Wednesday: none
Thursday: hexies
Friday: hexies
Saturday: none
Sunday: hexies, bound California Girl, quilting Rainbow Star
Monday: quilting Rainbow Star

Week 25 (Dec. 25 - 31)

Tuesday: none
Wednesday: quilting Rainbow Star
Thursday: quilting Rainbow Star
Friday: none
Saturday: none
Sunday: completed November and December HST BOM blocks, did a little piecing on Shake n' Bake 2, started a new project
Monday: piecing new project

Not too bad...considering the amount of time we spent traveling over the two weeks, and all of the Holiday hoopla...not too bad at all.

Linking up over at Life in Pieces, very excited about the new themes that will be playing a part in the 2013, 15 minute challenge.


  1. looks like a very good two weeks, especially considering the holidays and all the other things that have been going on!

  2. Eight out of the last 14 days, espeically if you had travel days, is spectacular! You'll have good momentum moving into 2013.

    Looking forward to seeing your posts in 2013. Thanks for "stitching" along with the challenge.


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