Wednesday, August 31, 2011

FWQAL Week 11

oh my word...that's about all I can say as I bring you my latest post for the

(yes I know...haven't really blogged about any other sewing projects outside of the FWQAL for quite a few weeks...I just have to get "caught up" and then I can resume my other projects!  I'm motivated in so many ways on this one, But primarily I just don't want to fall so far behind that I feel like giving up!)

this week's blocks were so was uber easy to put about had me ripping my hair out!

Block #21: Contrary Wife
 (love the title, not sure how it ties to the design of the block...but whatev!  I enjoyed making this was easy peasy quick and I love these fabrics!)

Block #22: Corn and Beans 
(I don't care about any other block prior that I said was difficult...this was a PAIN!)

I do like how both blocks ended up, but man oh man...corn and beans...thankfully I will only have to put you together ONCE!  Now off to work on other blocks...and it's another mixed bag coming looks relatively simple...the other...not so much!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

FWQAL Week 10

Let's here it for easy blocks!  I needed a few that weren't going to blow my mind trying to figure them out! Here is my Week 10 installment of the FWQAL:

Block #19: Checkerboard (my personal fave so far!)

Block #20: Churn Dash (went together really fast!)

and to work on some more blocks...or get some more piecing done on some other quilts...or play with peaches! (you can read about the peach adventures here)

Friday, August 26, 2011

FWQAL Week 8/9...playing catch-up

After the insanity of the past few weeks, I'm really glad to be sewing again on my Farmer's Wives Blocks! The 4 blocks I'm posting today took me about a couple of days to get sewn...and then I was interrupted again by the real it's only 4, and I'm a few weeks behind now in the FWQAL...not that there is an actual time table/ is go at one's own pace...but still...I feel like I'm behind!  LOL!  Anywho...on to the blocks!

Block 15: Buzzard's Roost 
(this one had me freaking out...nothing seemed to work...and then was done!)

Block 16: Calico Puzzle
(it's a little crooked...and my stripes are a tiny bit off...but they are all headed in the same general direction at least!  so i'm happy!)

Block 17: Cats & Mice
(I have read a few blogs where this one really messed with came together fairly easy for me...but I was worried the end block wouldn't be the right size...thankfully it a thread!)

Block 18: Century of Progress
(this one went great...until i realized i'd sewn two section on upside down...and then ripped it apart and started over...won't remake this one anytime soon!)

And now...all 4 of them together:

My weekend plans include a bit of sewing...and getting some more Farmer's Wives blocks done!

Stay safe!  For those in the path of careful, get out if you can, and let us know you are ok when it passes!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Work in Progress!

Wow...definitely long time no post!  I have been sewing...a bit here...a bit figured it was time to catch you all up on a few of my projects.

First up...SILs quilt...which I built the quilt top following this:

and here is the completed quilt top:

which has been finished for about 5 weeks or so...and that's pretty much the state it remains in...haven't gotten around to picking out backing fabric or getting it all quilted.  But it is August...and we have some time before it gets chilly enough that my lovely SIL will need it!

and then there is OUR quilt...which has finally started coming together.  (Please forgive the terrible pictures!) Got all of my strip sets sewn together and cut:

and now I'm actually assembling the quilt top:

thankfully it's a project that can be picked up an left off fairly easy.  I really need to just sit down one day and keep at it until it's done...hopefully in another few weeks it will be completed!

and last...but not least...the FWQAL...which I have made zero progress on since my last post.  Hopefully I'll get caught up between the rest of today and tomorrow!

and to sew!