Wednesday, August 31, 2011

FWQAL Week 11

oh my word...that's about all I can say as I bring you my latest post for the

(yes I know...haven't really blogged about any other sewing projects outside of the FWQAL for quite a few weeks...I just have to get "caught up" and then I can resume my other projects!  I'm motivated in so many ways on this one, But primarily I just don't want to fall so far behind that I feel like giving up!)

this week's blocks were so was uber easy to put about had me ripping my hair out!

Block #21: Contrary Wife
 (love the title, not sure how it ties to the design of the block...but whatev!  I enjoyed making this was easy peasy quick and I love these fabrics!)

Block #22: Corn and Beans 
(I don't care about any other block prior that I said was difficult...this was a PAIN!)

I do like how both blocks ended up, but man oh man...corn and beans...thankfully I will only have to put you together ONCE!  Now off to work on other blocks...and it's another mixed bag coming looks relatively simple...the other...not so much!

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