Saturday, August 6, 2011

Work in Progress!

Wow...definitely long time no post!  I have been sewing...a bit here...a bit figured it was time to catch you all up on a few of my projects.

First up...SILs quilt...which I built the quilt top following this:

and here is the completed quilt top:

which has been finished for about 5 weeks or so...and that's pretty much the state it remains in...haven't gotten around to picking out backing fabric or getting it all quilted.  But it is August...and we have some time before it gets chilly enough that my lovely SIL will need it!

and then there is OUR quilt...which has finally started coming together.  (Please forgive the terrible pictures!) Got all of my strip sets sewn together and cut:

and now I'm actually assembling the quilt top:

thankfully it's a project that can be picked up an left off fairly easy.  I really need to just sit down one day and keep at it until it's done...hopefully in another few weeks it will be completed!

and last...but not least...the FWQAL...which I have made zero progress on since my last post.  Hopefully I'll get caught up between the rest of today and tomorrow!

and to sew!

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