Friday, July 15, 2011

FWQAL Week 7

Wasn't sure I was going to get my blocks done this week!  Guy and I had such a great time on our short trip last weekend (read more about it here) that pretty much all this week has been non-stop catching up!  But I did, over a few days, manage to get my two blocks done for this week of:

Block 13: Buckwheat 

Block 14: Butterfly at the Crossroads

I want to really like both of the blocks...but #14 is my fave of the fabric selections are really not working out as well as I would have liked on some of these blocks.  However, what I'm starting to notice is...once they all get laid out...the blocks I'm not a huge fan of...actually start to look a lot better!  Here are my 14 blocks so far: to get some sewing done so that I can update my works in progress and finally start piecing together OUR quilt!


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