Sunday, July 3, 2011

Drink the Kool-Aid! (FWQAL Weeks 1-3)

So last time I posted, I said that I had drank the Kool-Aid and let me tell's GOOD!  I dove head first into these waters yesterday:

I had been putting off starting this until this weekend, figured I'd have plenty of time to "catch up" with a long weekend.  The original start of the Farmer's Wife Quilt along (the Flickr group is FABULOUS btw!) would have hit Week 5 this week (well it's SUnday, so this past week, this would be the start of Week 6).  And even thought it's a go at your own pace QAL, I wanted to "catch up" so I could keep myself on track.  If I'm "caught up" and others are posting for that week...I'll be more inclined to stay with the crowd as opposed to falling behind and then trying get going again.  Does any of that make sense?  LOL!  Anywho...drum roll are my Week's 1-3 blocks (I'm doing them in numerical order or I'd be completely lost):

Block 1: Attic Windows

Block 2: Autumn Tints

Block 3: Basket 
(it's missing it's handle..when I figure out how to do it, it will have one...check back in a year or so).

Block 4: Basket Weave 

Block 5: Bat Wing

Block 6: Big Dipper

and a group shot:

I'm using Denyse Schmidt Picnic and Fairgrounds fabrics, Sweet Pickins by Darlene Zimmerman for Kaufman fabrics and a few Kona solids (in the above blocks I have a smidge of White and Big Dipper is using Kona Ash) and a few other random fabrics (Bat Wing).

and now I'm off to get to work on Week 4!  These little blocks are so much fun!

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  1. Wow!! You are getting a lot of them done. Very pretty!


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