Tuesday, June 28, 2011

WIP (with pictures!)

Wow...ok, so this is going to be a long post!  Not sure where to start...but I guess I'll start with this:

which is SIL's quilt,  I worked through the first step and got my layer cakes trimmed down to this and made my binding:

(do not let the top print scare you!  it did me at first...but the entire collection is fabulous and even this louder print works fabulous in the quilt squares!)

 and then the next step got posted...so here is phase 1 of the that step:

and then phase 2:

don't they look a little like cocktail napkins???  LOL!  anywho...now I'm working on phase 3 which is sewing the blocks together, so after that, in phase 4, I piece together the quilt top...so i'm about 70% of the way through phase 3...hope to be on phase 4 by tomorrow evening sometime.

now...the progress on OUR quilt...took this fabric:

got EVERYTHING cut (for the entire quilt top...my poor little rotary cutter!)

 and got to sewing all of the strips together:

and that's where I'm still at...so still I count this as progress!

and now...just because I've likely lost my damn mind...I joined in on this:

and here's my book:

I have totally drank the kool-aid!  Just in case you might be interested in dipping in the fruit punch too...check this fab Flickr group out...and the two fab folks that kicked it all off...Amanda and Angela!

Ok...got some Phase 3 work to do on SIL's quilt...have a few strip pieces of OUR quilt to get stitched together...and now that I've ordered this fabric to add to the remaining stash of OUR quilt fabrics...time to get going on my Farmer's Wife blocks!

somewhere in the middle I'll remember to breathe!

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