Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Quilts with Legs!

I finally (and mean finally) got a quilt done that I started many months ago (think it was March...).  It's been mostly done for a long time (since April), but it has sat and sat...and well over this past weekend I finally finished the quilting!  I'm calling this quilt...Baby Quilt...because that's about all I've got right now!  This quilt is for my youngest niece...who is still a baby....just not a brandy-new baby...she's been around for a little while...I'm going to stop now and just get to the quilt!

Front (and here come the my lovely Guy!):

Back (and more legs!  it was a bit breezy, so Girl had to jump in and help hold it in place!):

Now all it needs is binding!

Quilt details:

  • Fabric: Cape Ann by Oliver + S
  • Quilter Cotton Solids (don't know names, from my stash pretty much, just know I bought them at Hancock)
  • Thread: Gutterman or Mettler (can't remember which, might have been both!) for piecing; Coats and Clark multi-color for quilting
  • Quilting: following this tutorial at Bijou Lovely (great tutorial, watched once and jumped in!)
  • Pattern: Jelly Roll Race! (LOVE THESE, very easy to put together in a hurry...or after an extended wait...if you are like me!)

15 minute challenge...week 4

where we make improvement over the previous week, but only after a slow start!  LOL!

Tuesday: nada

Wednesday: nada

Thursday: nada

Friday:  finished the California Race Quilt Top and started working on the back for the Paris Race quilt top that has been finished for an exceptionally long time!

Saturday: finished up piecing the Paris Race quilt back (please ignore the terrible picture quality of the next two pics...having serious issues with aviary in flickr...keeps saving images not as they appear on screen, with added enhancements that I tried to remove!):

Sunday: worked on finishing up my niece's quilt (that has been 75% quilted for two months now, and has just sat there...but now it's all quilted and just waiting on binding!

Monday: nada (I thought about cutting binding strips)

Feeling good!  Progress has been made towards getting some UFOs complete!  Linking up over at Life in Pieces!  Have a great week!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

15 minute challenge...week 3

The week where no sewing took place! Pretty much because we were out of town most of the time. Some days you just gotta sacrifice the stitching for the beach! (and a little pool time too).  Now that my much needed mini-cation is over with...I'm back in the swing of things for the new week!  I'm linking up at Life in Pieces (keeping myself honest and linking up even though no sewing took place).