Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Quilts with Legs!

I finally (and mean finally) got a quilt done that I started many months ago (think it was March...).  It's been mostly done for a long time (since April), but it has sat and sat...and well over this past weekend I finally finished the quilting!  I'm calling this quilt...Baby Quilt...because that's about all I've got right now!  This quilt is for my youngest niece...who is still a baby....just not a brandy-new baby...she's been around for a little while...I'm going to stop now and just get to the quilt!

Front (and here come the my lovely Guy!):

Back (and more legs!  it was a bit breezy, so Girl had to jump in and help hold it in place!):

Now all it needs is binding!

Quilt details:

  • Fabric: Cape Ann by Oliver + S
  • Quilter Cotton Solids (don't know names, from my stash pretty much, just know I bought them at Hancock)
  • Thread: Gutterman or Mettler (can't remember which, might have been both!) for piecing; Coats and Clark multi-color for quilting
  • Quilting: following this tutorial at Bijou Lovely (great tutorial, watched once and jumped in!)
  • Pattern: Jelly Roll Race! (LOVE THESE, very easy to put together in a hurry...or after an extended wait...if you are like me!)

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