This tab is where I keep a log of my running, read down to see how it all started when Guy and I decided to run a half-marathon.  The most current entries will be up top.

8 miler yesterday!  Feeling good!  I cut out one run last week as my legs were not feeling good.  Part of that was also due to weather...still playing with how many times a week I feel I can run vs. how many times a week I actually do cross-training...we'll see! 

Had a great running week last week!  Did run 4 times...Tues, Weds, Fri and Sunday (I call Sunday the "end" of my running-week).  And Sunday's long run was 7 miles!  (Which wasn't exactly planned...a planned 5.5 miler turned into 7 because I was feeling good!).  We'll see how it goes this week as the temperatures are expected to dip again...I'll run outside in most low temperatures, but some days it may just be easier to run after work on the treadmill...we shall see!

The running two days in a row wasn't bad...I did keep the run on Wednesday nice and short (only 2.2 miles) but that's kind of what I intended to do...I didn't want to overdo it!  Hit the stationary bike yesterday for 40 mins (includes warmup and cooldown) and did some stretching...and today is another run day.  The weather is supposed to be pretty nice and temps well above freezing, so it shouldn't be difficult to get out and get some miles in! 

Lost last week due to a mutant type cold that turned me into one giant snot since my last long run on 1/5/14, I've only run twice...and both runs under 4 miles.  I was also doing pretty decent with cross-training.  I have 1 month until the marathon-relay race (thankfully I'm only having to run a I should be plenty ok to get up to that point in time), but after that only about 5 weeks before my next half-marathon...which between the relay and then...I should have plenty of time to build the mileage up.  I'm going to be trying something slightly different this week, just to see how my legs and body respond...and that's to add in an additional run.  For the first time since I started running almost a year ago, I'm going to try running (intentionally) 2 days in a row.  I think I'll be ok, not sure if I'm going to base this run on mileage or time...and it may just be a 30 min "jog" to keep everything loose.  I'd like to follow it up with some yoga/heavy stretching...we'll see what I feel like this afternoon when it's time to get this thing going!  I'm hoping adding in this additional run will pay off when it comes to my long runs (and improve overall pace). 

So far this new year I've met my daily goals.  I've got 7.7 miles in over two runs, and on the day in some cross training in.  Today is another cross training day and tomorrow a long run.  Hopefully the weather cooperates tomorrow!

Getting ready to go for a run after I get my New Year's meal going...Got in 4.4 miles on Monday...they weren't good miles...but they were miles.  I finished December with 47.3 I feel I crushed my 44 mile goal!  Goal for January isn't exactly set yet...but we've got a race in February, and then our next Half in it's really just to get out there!  Personally I'm aiming for 450 miles for the we'll see how we do!

With the Holiday and all, I got in a 3.7 mile run on Christmas Day and that's about it in the past week.  Hope to knock out a few miles today as well.

Got in a good 4.25 mile run yesterday.  It felt good after about the first 1.5 miles.  Was feeling really good when I hit 4! 

Had a great run yesterday!  3.66 miles, and it felt good!  Best run I've had in awhile.  (as felt good from early on...I didn't have to slog it out for 1-2 miles before it started to feel ok).  Today is cross training and then run again tomorrow!  Already up to 31 miles for the month! (ETA: totally skipped x-train...took a day of rest!).

Knocked out just shy of 4 miles on Friday.  Did not x-train yesterday (made up Wednesday's missed x-train on Thursday), so I did my x-train today…as I'm just not feeling like running.  I'm not worried about that, as I can get to running again tomorrow.

Did just over 3 miles on the treadmill on Tuesday...and missed my x-train yesterday (wasn't feeling good).  Supposed to run today.  My IT band has been ridiculously tight and uncomfortable, I really need to make time to foam roll! 

Knocked out 6.3 miles yesterday.  It felt pretty good, except my left hip/outer thigh wasn't feeling so hot by the time I finished.  I need to be better about stretching post-run.  Did another round of HIIT on a good way.  Running yesterday definitely helped with any lingering soreness I was feeling.  Today is a rest day, and I plan on keeping it a rest day.

Well, I ran 3.78 miles the other evening (Wednesday).  Then yesterday did some cross-training (10 min warmup on bike, 16 minutes of "tabata-style" HIIT, then a 1 mile "cooldown" walk.  I needed that walk...if I hadn't, pretty sure I'd be way more sore and stiff this morning than I am.  Plan is to run today after work and other stuff.  My goal is to include the HIIT for the month of December and see where I'm at when the first of the year rolls around.  If it's helping my running...then I'll keep it on the schedule with some tweaks so that it doesn't get boring or "easy."

Well, in an attempt to maintain my motivation and help meet that 44 mile kick start a little weight loss (I've put a few pounds back on that I really really want gone) I've written out my workout "plan" from now until January 1.  I've lost some of my running capabilities after completing the 1/2 back in September, and I want to improve that.  I want to run my March 1/2 in 2:30 or less.  And to do that I've got to be more consistent in my runs and in cross training.  So I've drafted a to apply the plan and stick with the plan.  Maybe a new pair of shoes or something come January 2 if I've kept with the plan...reward system works pretty well for me!

wow…been a few since I last updated here!  I had a 5 miler this morning…this was after running Monday and Thursday earlier in the week.  Didn't quite make the November mileage goal…but I'm past that and now focused on December's goal…44 miles for the month…shouldn't be too bad.  

And then we come back to reality.  I haven't run since last week's 3.5 miles.  Which means my 55 miles in November is in serious jeopardy.  Ugh.  It's been a rough week...I was ill over the weekend (which is why there was zero running this weekend) and then out of town for a few days, where there was zero opportunity to run safely (busy roads, no indoor options).  So now I'm hoping to pick back up and carve out some serious miles.  Maybe today...maybe tomorrow...we will see.  It's very difficult for me right now to imagine that we are almost to December.  Where did the time go????

Well, back on the running game today.  Did a little bit of cross-training on Tuesday (stationary bike).  I'm trying really hard to actually incorporate cross-training on a regular basis.  It's definitely needed, and I think will help me out significantly in the long run.  Did 3.5 miles, not exactly a planned training run, it felt great and I'm so ready to get on to the next race.  Which right now is in February, where I'm running with a great group of friends in the Myrtle Beach Marathon team relay!  I'll be running either 6 miles or 10 miles, not sure which yet.  Guy and I are also talking about running a 5k in December…and then of course my next half-marathon is in March.  Full steam ahead here!

11/11/13 is all I can really say about the race on Saturday.  It was FANTASTIC!  My full recap is posted here.  And rest for the wicked!  I don't plan on taking any time off between now and the next race...just got to figure out exactly which one is next!

Had a bit of a scare run went terribly.  I still eeked out 3.2 miles...but it really didn't feel good.  My legs felt flat towards the end.  I felt I was ok running, it wasn't pain I was in...just a general feeling that it was going to be a "bad run."  Unfortunately last night my knee had a little bit of swelling and was not feeling good at all when I went up the stairs.  I iced them down, and will do so again I'm sure I'll be fine for this weekend...but it scared me a little.  I worry a great deal about in...I really don't want to even consider getting injured.  (not that anyone wants to be injured).  So the idea that my body might have sustained some minor damage freaks me out.  And then I put my head on straight, and consider that everything felt fine when I got up this morning, and so far today I haven't had any problems...I'm going to chalk it up to being on my feet alot at work yesterday and that maybe I was tired and pushed too hard to get a run in yesterday.  I've planned a short run (30 mins max) for tomorrow to keep the legs loose for Saturday, but if it doesn't feel's not happening.

Had a great close to last week, I ran 4.22 on Thursday and then 7.69 on Saturday...and then walked 2 miles yesterday!  My feet were not feeling to good at the end of Saturday's run...nor at the end of yesterday's walk.  I've got over 40 miles in this particular pair of I would have thought they were more broken in by now...but it doesn't appear to be that way.  I'll run a few miles tonight and then on Wednesday to keep my legs loose and to work on my 55 miles in November challenge.  And then it's race day on Saturday!  I'm looking forward to this one...I'm ready to add more bling to my collection!

Got in 3.4 miles yesterday.  Will run again on Thursday with my last long run on Saturday.  I'm up to 31.4 miles for I won't quite make my goal of 48 miles.  But I had to take some breaks.  And I'm ok with that.  Looking forward to next week's will be a new experience, not running a race with Guy...but meeting him in the middle...that and I'm really looking forward to a weekend in Savannah!

Well...let's see, I've run a bit here or there, but it's been a slow week.  Last Sunday (10/20) I set a new PR for my 10K distance and I was feeling great.  And then the weather got cold and I only ran one time since then.  That was this past Wednesday (10/23).  My knees have been stiff, and the air so dry that my sinuses are less than my October mileage has taken a significant hit.  Plan is for hubs and I to run after we are both off work.  With the relay coming up on 11/8...we will run this week, last long run be on Saturday or Sunday and then one or two short little hops and then the relay.  And then it starts again.  I think I'll take a few weeks off and then begin at the beginning on my half training.  We'll see.  Love this cooler weather...not sure my body does though....

Let's see...took all of last week off from running and started this week off well on Sunday with a 4.26 miler.  It felt good to get up and going.  Since then, I've been a bit slack.  Hope to get a run in tonight, have other things we will be running around taking care of, but my goal is to run before I hit the sack!  edited to add: Got just under 3.5 miles in after dinner and a football game (note to are not an after dinner type of runner, even if it's been a few hours since you ate!) bringing my October mileage total to 14.1 (ick...that's kinda low right now).  Plan is to hit the bike Thursday for some cross-training and then run again on Friday.

Got in three runs last week, felt great.  I love running in the fall!  Did 4.5 miles on Sunday...have about 4-5 weeks before Savannah, so I'm feeling good that I'll be ready to knock out 7 miles!  I have officially registered for my next half marathon.  It's not until March, and it's local, so I'll have plenty of time to be ready for it AND not have to worry about traveling on top of it all!  So excited!

4 mle run yesterday.  Felt good! 

Ran again with Girl today.  She has completed week 1 of C25K.  Taking it easy on her and only having her run on the weekends since she does PE every day of the week (plus need to give her plenty of time to do her homework during the week).  Ran the first 25 mins with her and then did about another 10 minutes on my own for a total of 2.6 miles (the weather was fantastic!).  This was the last non-training run of the post-half recovery.  Tomorrow starts training anew for the relay in November.

A short run day.  Started girl on c25k this past Saturday and have been running with her, so I have not even 5 miles so far.  This works out though as I should still be easing myself back in to running for this whole week.  I plan to run at least 3 miles this Saturday or Sunday and then It will be back to increasing mileage after that.  I did run 5 sets of "hills" today and plan to continue adding hills to one or two runs a week to build up my legs and endurance.
Well, if you have hit this tab, then welcome to my little log/diary/journal documenting my road to a half marathon.  Guy and I have registered to run the Rock n' Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon on September 1st.  Which is not that far away.  We have a training plan, we have a great support system of friends and family, and we are motivated (for now).  So I will be keeping a little log of sorts on this page of my blog so that I can look back and see how it all played out.

WE DID IT!  Read the full recap here.
And now...we shift gears.  November 9, 2013 is the next big date.  Guy and I will be running the RnR Savannah 1/2 marathon relay!  So this page will stick around to continue documenting my journey!

Well.  Training is complete.  I did my final little "shake out" run yesterday.  2.1 miles in 29 minutes.  I went slow and easy, just trying to stretch the legs out...and it was seriously hot outside.  I started packing up my run stuff for Sunday this morning.  Couple little things to take care of when I get off work and then it's time to try and sleep and be prepared to hit the road early tomorrow.  My nerves are a bit jumpy, but that's to be expected.  Total mileage for August: 53.6.  Wow...that's just crazy to me!

Well...the long training runs are officially over!  Yesterday was the 11 mile run, and we did it!  I'm a bit stiff and sore today, but thankfully will have all week to "rest" my legs.  Two short runs (Tuesday and Thursday) to help keep everything loose and to work out any stiffness...and then on's Half Marathon time!!!  I am at 51.5 miles total for August (DANG!).

Is it ok to admit that I'm getting a little bit nervous???  I haven't run at all so far this week, planning on 3 miles today and then 10-11 on Saturday and then a couple of 2 milers as we taper towards race date.  Which is only 1 week from Sunday! 

Feeling damn good!  Ran just short of 9 miles today!  This followed a 2.8 miler on Monday and then 4 miles on Friday.  We are 2 weeks away from the race!

So far so good.  A minor hiccup last week had me missing a run day, but still ended up running 3 times.  The long run was Saturday and ended up being 6.76 miles (I had some major issues with my phone around mile 5 that had me on the verge of a major flip out by the time I figured out what the problem was).  I was initially disappointed in the distance, but after thinking about it for a few minutes I realized that I was being silly...I had done a great job just by getting out there and doing I had nothing to be disappointed in!  However that little mental downer, plus the annoying distraction of my phone definitely made the last mile horrendous!  Today is a short run...kind of stretch the legs out and all, hopefully it goes well...and quickly!  and then we are only two more long runs away from heading to VA for the official run!  For last week I ran a total of 13.6 miles, and for August I'm at 22.15!  I only had 23 miles total for July, so I'm back in the thick of it!

8/4/13 I had to take a break from running.  A three week break to be specific.  I picked back up on Monday of this past week and finished off with a 5.3 miler this morning with the hubs.  Logged 15 miles for the week, which is good...but I'm definitely behind on my long runs.  Which I'm going to say is ok.  For now.  I just wasn't feeling it a few weeks ago...and took a few days off, which led to more days off, and we are.  I'm ok though, not too disappointed.  These things happen.  We are officially exactly 4 weeks away from the big day.  So it's pedal to the metal now, and doing the best I can to stay healthy.  I've been icing my knees and legs a lot this week.  Anything to stave off pain and the mental monster telling me "don't run will hurt!"  I'm enjoying running, it makes me feel good, and that's how I want to keep it.  I feel great personal satisfaction when my runs get longer.  So I just have to hang in there.  On a side note...I've recently been contemplating adding another half before the year is out.  But at the same time...I just want to survive this first one!  So we'll see!

and so "begins" another week of Half marathon training.  Did 4 miles on the treadmill this morning.  At a nice and slow pace (because that's what my training plan called for!!).  Truth...slow because that's how I was feeling this morning...very slow.  We shall see how it goes on Thursday.  Our long run this week is supposed to be 6 miles.  Not sure when we will get that in as we have had some last minute family schedule changes for this weekend. 

Finished another week!  Did a treadmill run on Tuesday (3.5 miles), ran at the park on Thursday (3.5 more), and then topped it off this morning with a 5 mile run.  I'm feeling pretty good so far with the increased distances, but my body is definitely feeling it.  Had a bit of a flare up of tendinitis that is causing a few issues when running and it is taking a bit longer to recover post run.  New things for this was our first run with a fuel belt (hubby carried it) and tried out mid-run "snacks" that we both really like and actually helped when we both weren't feeling the strongest about 2/3 of the way into our run.

I was supposed to get up early today and run outside before the heat and humidity set in...but it didn't happen.  I distinctly remember making a decision when my alarm went off to snooze and run after work.  Which means running on the treadmill, which I was trying to limit to once per week.  But I was seriously tired at 4 I will just have to call it good.  I'm still tired, but looking forward to getting a run done.  Yeah...didn't get that run in today.  Which is a good thing.  I'm tired...just plain tired.  So I decided to take a break today and not worry about it.  On to Saturday's 5K!

Week 2 is in the books, on to week 3...where the mileage picks up a bit.  Did 3.6 miles today on the treadmill, hope to run outside on Thursday.  We are signed up for a 5K on Saturday, so that will be the weekend run, pushing the 5 miles on the training plan out one more week.  Which works out as we won't be running a 5k when it's shown on the training we are just shifting things a bit.  Have purchased a fuel belt and we are going to try out some stuff on the next long weekend run to see how it works out!

Well I have officially completed week one of the half marathon training plan and on to week 2.  I didn't miss a single run, and have logged my longest run yet at just over 4 miles on Sunday.  Hit the treadmill this afternoon for today's 3 miles and hope to run outside Thursday morning but will do treadmill again if it comes down to it.  Will hit up the local park for this weeks long run (another 4 miler, may try for 4.5).  As my runs get longer I'm having to think about actually carrying water bottle and possibles a snack.  Not sure how or what I'm going to use for that, so I guess I better stop pondering and get to actually figuring it out!

Yesterday was a rest day (love a training plant that starts with a day off!), actually it was rest/stretch and strength day.  I chose to rest as being out all day on Saturday (after a 3.3 mile run) pretty much killed my feet and legs.  Ran 3 miles this morning, and that is the plan also for Thursday.  My goal is to do my yoga meltdown tomorrow and maybe walk a little bit.  Feeling ok, IT band on left leg felt a little funky after this morning and did roll it out, but it was painful!  Lots o'sweat even though it was fairly cool/breezy at 5am, so have been taking it a lot of water today. 

I've run three times this week. Sunday, Tuesday and then again today. Sunday's run was the conclusion of last week's running, so I still have one more run coming (Saturday) to close out this week. Today was the first time I've run on the treadmill since March (and only one treadmill run during the month of March). I am not a huge treadmill fan, but I've decided that running on the treadmill once a week will be beneficial for me. FIrst's summer and it's hot (or any other weather reason will do). Second reason, I can actually get a good idea of how FAST I'm running for how long. THat and add a little speed work (sprints) if I'm really feeling it. Still haven't added cross-training into my week and it's been awhile since I did any yoga, but that will change very soon as Monday starts the official 1/2 marathon training!

Not doing so well so far this week. Got up early, but not early enough, on Wednesday, so I did go run, but only for 20 minutes or so, not quite 2 miles done. We were out late last night, so no up and at em in me this morning, hopefully it won't be too ungodly hot this afternoon...or I may just have to wait until late in the evening to get a run done. I considered hitting the treadmill at work today, but didn't really have time to pack up my gym weeks throw my entire schedule off, and my brain is not convinced that it's Friday by any stretch! I really need to get my early morning routine locked in!

Well...the 5K went great! Had a good time, hubby ran with me the whole time, and there were a few times I had to stop and walk (not for long, 30-60 seconds) but that was because I started out too fast, but in the end...I finished with a time of 36:16! It was a great event, and we plan on doing in again next year! On to this's just going to be straight run, run, run, and add at least one day of cross-training in.

I survived another week of early morning rise for running.  Well...Tuesday and today at least!  Ended up 2.5 miles each day, so I'm happy.  My hubby and I are running a 5K on Saturday, so I'll take it easy tomorrow (Yoga meltdown), and get to bed early so we are ready for Saturday morning.  Did not run at all last Saturday, but spent 4.5 hours kayaking (moderate, no high energy kayaking here) so I called it good.  17 more days and we start our official Half Marathon training program!

5/16/13 up early to run this morning. not happy. however this is a transition that must take place, and better now than later. the temperatures are only going to go up from here and I am not a hot-weather kinda gal. so better to get in the habit now of getting up at a ridiculous early hour than to try and wait until later. plus (and the point i'm trying to use more than anything to sell the early hour to myself) the half-marathon we are running starts early in the day...well...later than the time i will be getting up...but much earlier than my current normal run'm getting way ahead of the game! or something like that!

Took yesterday off as a 100% rest day (which I also did on Sunday) all for good reason...went to see Ironman 3 with the family! LOL! Ran today (Day 1 of week 5) and got about 2.3 miles in. It was warmer today, and will be getting progressively warmer through the week (ick). Tomorrow is a cross-training day, and then running again on Thursday.

Went camping over the weekend. Ran on Saturday (Day 3 of week 4 of C25K, 2.4 miles). Felt pretty good after the first mile or so. We have signed up for a 5K on 5/25, so hopefully I'll have my "running legs" back in better shape by then and will feel good going the full distance. The temperatures are heating up as well, so not only are we in run training, we are also trying to acclimate to the warm part of the year. Thankfully we are starting now, and not next month when it will be in the 90s regularly.

Our training plan does not officially kick off until next month, so in the meantime, I'm working on making sure I have a solid base. So I backed up my previous training plan (C25K) to week 4 and started over from there (I tweaked my knee a couple of weeks ago, so I hadn't been running for about 2 weeks). This Tuesday (5/7) I did about 2.4 miles and we'll see how far I go tonight. I'm doing a little cross training on non-run days and taking 1-2 rest days a week. If I'm itching to do anything on my rest days I will do a little yoga or just stretching. (Update: Ran about 2.25 today, not as far as I would like, but I'll take it)

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