Friday, September 30, 2011

a new project and a dilemma

Ok...if I haven't told any of you...I'm obsessed with Sweetwater's line Hometown...I adore all of the prints...and the colors...and everything about it!  So...I totally allowed myself to be distracted from current works in progress to get started on a new project...and because I'm incredibly selfish...this one is all for me (and will now be referred to as MHQ)!

I started with 4 of these:

and because I love the prints and colors...I couldn't imagine cutting them down any I started doing this:

and then that turned into this:

and well...a couple of days later...I have this:

and by the end of the weekend...I'll have a completed quilt top (I'd say a completed quilt...but I have to do yard work tomorrow (yuck) so I must put it off a bit!

And now...the dilemma...I was planning on using Pom Pom de Paris for T's quilt...and had a pattern all sketched out...but then...I picked up some of these:

and now...I'm very go with the original plan...or to try something else with some Ruby...or something very classic with the Butterscotch and Roses...oh who knows!  LOL!  I best make a decision soon...and I'm really leaning towards Ruby right now...but that may change after a good nights sleep...hmmmm....

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tis Done!

Woohooo!  I struggled getting this one finished...but finished it is!  I had issues with the quilting...issues with the binding...but I pretty much just went with it, and here is my finished Synchronized Squares Quilt:
(modeled by Girl not on a chair...seriously...she's getting way too tall!)

I used Kona Eggplant for the backing, and threw in a leftover set of squares I had just to break up all the purple!  Thankfully my SIL likes purples, so I hope she enjoys this!

I have finished my first quilt along!!  Well, completely finished a quilt from a QAL...I finished the quilt top way back here...and now I've finally got the entire quilt completed!

and now...time to crash on the couch!  Hope your Sunday evening is great!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011

FWQAL Week 12

Is it really Friday already???  SO GLAD!  And...bonus for's a late day at work...meaning I don't go in until late...but then I won't be home until late either!  Oh well!  I did enjoy sleeping in!

Here we go for a quick update on the

This week I only have 1 block to share for the FWQAL.  I've been steadily working on this quilt (coming home from work and quilting for at least 30 mins a day has been my goal) and hopefully I'll get it all finished this weekend and then back to Farmer's Wife blocks!

Block 23: Country Farm 
(I ADORE this block!  My favorite, hands far!)

And to stitch a bit before it's time to get ready to head to work!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We interrupt the FWQAL posts...

To let you know that I'm actually making progress on one of my WIPs!  I finished SIL's quilt top quite awhile ago (June 30th to be exact)...and now...9ish weeks later...I'm finally getting around to quilting it!  I struggled picking a backing fabric...and finally picked up some Kona Eggplant to go with the MoMo Just Wing It that makes up the top.  I pretty much went with a solid backing, but added one tiny piece that you'll see when I get the quilting done!  Here is me in action:

Fabulous!  LOL!  But if we take a closer look, at a slightly different angle...we see a few of the other projects that are just hanging around waiting to be worked on!

At this point, I'm just happy to be working towards completion on one, even if it takes me a week or so to get it quilted...still have a few more weeks (in reality I have more than a few...but if I let myself dwell on it...I may allow myself to be distracted by one of those other projects!) to get it sent off to the SIL before winter sets in!