Friday, September 9, 2011

FWQAL Week 12

Is it really Friday already???  SO GLAD!  And...bonus for's a late day at work...meaning I don't go in until late...but then I won't be home until late either!  Oh well!  I did enjoy sleeping in!

Here we go for a quick update on the

This week I only have 1 block to share for the FWQAL.  I've been steadily working on this quilt (coming home from work and quilting for at least 30 mins a day has been my goal) and hopefully I'll get it all finished this weekend and then back to Farmer's Wife blocks!

Block 23: Country Farm 
(I ADORE this block!  My favorite, hands far!)

And to stitch a bit before it's time to get ready to head to work!

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