Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving...and a few updates

Happy Thanksgiving all!  We celebrated our family Thanksgiving yesterday, and later today we will head over to a very dear friends house to continue the celebration.  Until then...I guess i could do some sewing...

so a few updates since my last post, I've made quite a bit more progress on some things than I expected.  I've also made zero progress on I guess it all works out in the end.  I now have this flimsy ready to go:

and so close to reaching flimsy stage here:

and then pulled out the holiday quilt I'm making for the back of my own couch: I said, more progress than expected on some, not enough on others.  I've also got a little bit of secret sewing going on, but can't share any of that here.  That will have to wait until Christmas.

For the quilts above I already have backing picked out (had to purchase for the blue and pink, using the rest of a fat quarter bundle for the Christmas one), just need to get to work and get them ready for quilting.

Friday, November 13, 2015

plenty of color...and a dash of sparkle

making fairly decent progress on a few things...took my blue HSTs and made them QSTs...and have them all trimmed and ready to be pieced into a top...the pile of trimmings was quite pretty...

so then I took the next set:

and took about 5 minutes to turn them into this:

and now working on this:

the pink blocks are quite fun to put together, coming together pretty quickly too.  Had to take a break from the blues and pinks to add in a bit of purple and some sparkle and work on this:

a table runner for a friend of mine.  Last year I made her 12 stockings (seen here) and had fabric leftover, so this year, she gets a matching table runner.  Now just to get it basted, quilted and bound.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

love the smell of new fabric in the morning...

It's been a long while since I ordered or purchased new fabric...and then last weekend I picked up a few pieces at my LQS (just a few 1/4 yard cuts of Gooseberry, of course I have zero plan for them, just liked them).  And then the other day I placed an order with Fat Quarter Shop and these goodies (all Kona cotton 10" squares) arrived:

and then yesterday I placed ANOTHER order (this one is a bit larger, adds up to 14 yards of fabric)...and hopefully it won't be long before that package arrives...

but I took one of the sets from above (the Julie Herman coordinates set) and got started turning it into HSTs:

and by the end of the week, hopefully this becomes a quilt top.  This is one of 5-6 quilts (and all solids...which is exciting as I've never done an all solids quilt before, and now I'm trying to do several in a short period of time) I'm trying to get done before December 25th. 

I don't know what it is about this time of year...but I must sew all of the things!  So that I can gift all of the things!

I love the madness of Christmas sewing!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

well darn...

I had posted in September that I wanted to post more, and then just like that I disappeared again for over a month.  What can I say...October was a busy month.  Oh well.

I have been sewing...a lot actually...I finally finished up all the blocks for my Red Letter Day quilt, and pieced together a quilt top from the leftover blocks of a previous quilt:

and then promptly found more HSTs that need to be turned into the quilt top isn't quite done yet.

I've also got a few other projects that have been started (and in one case finished) or work continued on:

The top two images are for Christmas sewing projects...and both need to be done by Thanksgiving.  And then there is the Trail Tote that I made my daughter (and I'm secretly jealous of and want one for me).  And last there are my postage stamp blocks that will be a work in progress for a good long while.

I don't know what it is about this time of year, but as soon as November rolls around...all I can think of is all of the gifts I would like to make and give for Christmas.  So I've ordered some fabric and have about 4 other quilts on my to do list this year.  Here's hoping I actually get it all done.