Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wellness Wednesday...Ep. 39

Not really much to report.  I have been very slack the past week in my running.  I did get a 6.2 mile run in over the weekend, but I've not really done anything else.  I hope to get another short run in this week, another 6-7 miler this weekend and then not much til the race next Saturday.  My running mojo seems to have taken a hike with my sewing mojo.  I need them to come back!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Did a bit of something...

about a month ago, I pulled out this pattern and stack of fabric

and did some cutting and fusing:

and ended up with 3:

now I need to actually get borders sewn on and then the panels sewn together and quilted and all of that.  This is a wall hanging for my Girl who is a huge fan of Halloween...hopefully I'll finish this by next Friday...

I've missed sewing, need to find my mojo and get back to it!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wellness Wednesday...Ep. 38

My training has been pretty slack the past two weeks...and I definitely felt that when I went out for a long run this past instead of my usual weekly update, I'm going to give the story of my long run, mile by mile...

I woke up, not sure if I even wanted to run, so I relaxed for a little bit until I worked up some motivation (read this story, if that doesn't motivate a runner to go run...I don't know what will), and headed out the door.  My plan called for a 12 mile run, I was thinking I'd be happy with 10.

Mile 0: turned around and went back in the house, forgot something
Mile .03: turned around and went back into the house to get my water bottle full of nuun I had left sitting on the counter
Mile .06: discover water bottle is leaking, complain loudly about this fact to my husband who was running with me at the time
Mile 1: weather is great, legs feel good, this little hill coming up ain't bothering me at all
Mile 2: man, I'm feeling great, the hills aren't feeling that bad
Mile 3: maybe I could go 14 miles (my plan called for a 14 miler the following week) today, this water bottle is starting to bug me, I should fuel soon (I use Honey Stingers during my long runs); how far is it from the end of the one road to the road I'm thinking of turning on to...I'll measure it
Mile 4: this stupid water bottle is driving me nuts, I'm a little slow on the pace today, but not too bad, I think I'm actually going to enjoy running 12 miles
Mile 5: (hubby has swapped out my leaking water bottle for a bottle of water by this point) headed towards the high school, this route is a little hilly, I'll walk a little if I need to
Mile 6: feeling good!!!
Mile 7: it's hot (it was around 55-60 degrees), I can feel the salt on my skin...I'll turn around at 7.35 miles, that'll put me around 11.5 or so when I finish, I can live with that
Mile 7.35: keep going to the stop light, remember it's a lot of downhill on the way back...feeling ok
Mile 8: woohoo!  time to turn around...feeling good, I got this, maybe I can do 13...
Mile 8.7: (hubby brings me another bottle of water, asks me how I'm doing, do I need a ride) I'm feeling good!  no way I need a ride...oh, you are thinking of going and running errands...why don't you wait a half hour just in case
Mile 9.3: this sucks, I should have gotten a ride, I'll try to make it to 10 miles then I'll see how I feel
Mile 10: f*ck this; I'm not running up any more d*mn hills...I'll walk up the hills, then run down them, who cares how f*cking slow I am right now (on a side note, when I develop runner's potty mouth, usually a sign I'm bonking); I'll call at the end of this road for him to come pick me up, every inch of me is covered in salt, I should have run with the busted water bottle, it had the nuun, this d*mn bottle of water is not cutting it
Mile 10.5: wow...only about 2 miles to go...let me try to keep my feet hurt
Mile 11: I'm slow, I'll never finish the half marathon in the time I want, everyone will be at the finish before me
Mile 11.8: right now I only have about .7 miles left, that's awesome, if I add a little bit I could make this run a 13 feet say "b*tch please" , probably should just finish
Mile 12.3: start the cooldown, everything hurts, I am so slow, this run sucked
Mile 12.6: done.  finished.  I'm a crappy runner...

So there you go...that's pretty much all that was going through my head on my absolutely terrible (second half at least) 12.6 mile run.  I was so down when I finished.  It took a few hours for me to recover, and today I look at it and, that was some pretty gutsy running that day.  I was defeated mentally, but physically I could still go; my heart took over and I even considered adding a little more to finish with 13 miles (thankfully my brain said no).  Sometimes you need the difficult runs to realize your training has paid off and to trust that you can finish.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wellness Wednesday...Ep. 36 and 37

Gonna keep this short and sweet.  I'm on track!  LOL!  My last long run was 11.3 miles (went great!), then this past week was a cutback with my weekend run of 6.2 (it was awful!).  I haven't really run this week yet, in part due to the weather, in part due to my work schedule.  I hope to get a run in tomorrow.  I've got the Walk for Life on Saturday, then I plan to get in a long run on Sunday.  I'm hoping for 12-13 miles, but that will depend on how I'm feeling.  I'm only a few weeks away from Half #3!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Wellness Wednesday...Ep. 35

(just ignore the fact that it's actually Thursday), it's October???  It feels as though September only lasted about 10 days.  I'm happy for fall though...cooler temps for running is what it's all about!!  I have entered the last month of half marathon training (woohoo!) and I'm getting excited about the race.  I had a 10-mile run that couldn't have gone better on Sunday, and that's after a string of great runs.  So of course yesterday was a crappy 3.5 mile treadmill run (was aiming for 4-4.5).  I have a love/hate relationship with the treadmill.  There are times I love to run on it, there are (long) stretches of time that I absolutely hate it.  Yesterday was a combination of legs were feeling a bit flat, my stomach wasn't happy, and I just couldn't get a good pace going.  Of course the last half mile felt great and I almost wanted to continue on, but thought it better to call it done.  I'm planning on a 4 mile run tomorrow and then 11-12 on Sunday (all outdoors!), and then a cutback next week.

Now...I mentioned last week that I had decided on a Spring half and I'm so excited about running the Cowtown Half Marathon on March 1st!  Even better, my mom is planning on doing this one with me!  So I won't be running for time, just running to finish and support my mom along the way!