Thursday, October 2, 2014

Wellness Wednesday...Ep. 35

(just ignore the fact that it's actually Thursday), it's October???  It feels as though September only lasted about 10 days.  I'm happy for fall though...cooler temps for running is what it's all about!!  I have entered the last month of half marathon training (woohoo!) and I'm getting excited about the race.  I had a 10-mile run that couldn't have gone better on Sunday, and that's after a string of great runs.  So of course yesterday was a crappy 3.5 mile treadmill run (was aiming for 4-4.5).  I have a love/hate relationship with the treadmill.  There are times I love to run on it, there are (long) stretches of time that I absolutely hate it.  Yesterday was a combination of legs were feeling a bit flat, my stomach wasn't happy, and I just couldn't get a good pace going.  Of course the last half mile felt great and I almost wanted to continue on, but thought it better to call it done.  I'm planning on a 4 mile run tomorrow and then 11-12 on Sunday (all outdoors!), and then a cutback next week.

Now...I mentioned last week that I had decided on a Spring half and I'm so excited about running the Cowtown Half Marathon on March 1st!  Even better, my mom is planning on doing this one with me!  So I won't be running for time, just running to finish and support my mom along the way!

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