Tuesday, August 28, 2012

15 minute challenge...week 7!

Where I finish a quilt...and face near devastation with another!

Let's check the progress for the week:

Monday: pinwheels

Tuesday-Friday: nothing

Saturday: finished the binding on Girls' SQ and worked on piecing the last bits of the Swoon top

Sunday: basted Paris Race

Monday: nothing

So let's talk finish...I FINALLY finished Girls' SQ (started way back here, quilted here, and now it's DONE!)



She loves it!  (or so she says...who knows what the opinion will be tomorrow).  Details: fabric - Solids are all Kona, Patterned fabric - seasonal purchased at JoAnn's, batting - Hobbs, thread - Gutterman (piecing and quilting); quilted in a completely random all over  free motion "scribble" by me

And now...near devastation...

I've been happily plugging along getting Swoon all pieced...and it was time to add the borders...got one border on...and then...as I was laying it out to pin the next piece...apparently I dragged one side/edge through a little...treat...that my puppy left me...right by my sewing table.  This after I swept and mopped the floor a few hours earlier, and right after the dog came inside after being in the yard for 30 minutes.  I about cried.  So I very diligently dabbed and patted and dampened the spots with cold water (and a tad bit of stain remover)...and laid it all out to dry:

I THOUGHT I had taken care of it!  And then on Sunday, went to add the final border...and found a spot that had been missed...so back to near tears...and dabbing and daubing, etc.  So instead I got a different quilt basted and I'll be working on that this week (need to have it done by the end of the week).

It was such a heart breaking moment that I'm almost afraid to touch my Swoon...in the event something else randomly appears on it!  (and HOPEFULLY get the final border on this week!).  I really need to figure out what I'm going to do for the backing!

And that's my adventure in sewing this week!  Linking up at Life In Pieces!  Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

15 minute challenge...week 6!

I am feeling really good about how this past week went!  So as I link up to Life In Pieces...let's jump right in and show you what I did!

Tuesday - Thursday: nothing (typical for me...this is the area I need to improve in)

Friday:  Terrain Swoon (getting sooooo close!)

Saturday:  Pinwheels (from my Swoon leftovers)

Sunday: HST BOM (see post here)

Monday:  HST BOM - April

and all the HST BOMs so far:

I am so glad I decided to go ahead and cut into my Flea Market Fancy stash, I'm loving these blocks!!

P.S.  It was the first day of school today...I had a big ole smile on my face all day long!  (as did Girl...she likes school and was excited for today to come!)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Getting Fancy on Sunday!

As in Flea Market Fancy!  Ok...going way back to this post...I gathered up the fabric...and then it sat...and sat...and I didn't want to cut into any of it!  It's too PRECIOUS!  LOL!

And then I decided I needed a new project (oh how foolish of me...).  I have been following Jeni's blog In Color Order for a while now...in particular her HST Block of the Month tutorials.  So...I woke up this morning...and decided that I really wanted to try the blocks...and why not go ahead and cut into the Flea Market Fancy!

So here we go!

January block:

February block:

March block:

and so far I'm really enjoying these blocks!  I already have the fabrics selected for the April block...so I should be getting to that tomorrow!  (if I don't just buckle down and get my Swoon top finished!!!)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

FNSI...the results!

Well this month's Friday Night Sew In got started a little late in my house...but it should be called the Friday Night Swoon In!  As in...I really started taking steps to getting my Terrain Swoon quilt top finished!   I had started sashing the blocks the other day...and last night I really kicked it in to gear!

and now all three rows are sashed...now to sash them together!  Here is a pic taken this morning (once my models were awake!) of just how much closer I am (considering the blocks have been sitting for about 3 months) :

One more row to add on...then borders...and then DONE!  Wooohooooo!

Friday, August 17, 2012


WOW!  After a lovely day hanging out with Girl...I was considering doing some sewing...but the motivation factor was a little low...so I ended up surfing the net...only to find out it's Friday Night Sew In night!  And motivation went wayyyyy up!

It's a little late on Friday...but it's Friday until I go to bed...so off to sew I go!  Wonder what I'll work on...

My corner of the world...

Figured I'd share some pics and info of my sewing space today!  When I first took up sewing early last year, I was working on a card table in what was my scrapbooking/stamping/office space.  When it turned out I REALLY enjoyed sewing...well that led to me moving downstairs to the dining room table so that I would have a more stable table to work from.  Well Guy had about enough of that and built me a fantastic table!  Well...this table ended up being kind of big, and wouldn't make it up the stairs in our house (or in the doorway of the previous scrappy space)...so now I sew full time in the living room!

My side of the room (excuse the mess...I'm sure I've been too busy to really clean much).

A closer look at the sewing table

Guy built one shelves on one side and that is where a majority of my stash is stored

If you look to the ironing area..you'll see a few more bins of fabric...my stash is starting to outgrow my storage!

and that's that!  My little corner of the world!  Which I'm hoping to eventually get moved back upstairs to the scrappy office area.  I will say that I do enjoy being in the living room...it's where the family is...and they usually don't mind the sound of a sewing machine running while they are hanging out!  At the same time...I want my living room re-done...and the sewing table is just not in the mix!

Monday, August 13, 2012

15 minute challenge...week 5

This should totally be week 9 or 10...but life is what happens when you'd rather be sewing!  So, I'll keep it as week 5!

Tuesday - Friday: nothing (again...life)

but then I jumped full in!

Saturday: block 2 of the FQS 2012 Designer Mystery BOM, bound this quilt, and got the urge to finish up a UFO, so I pieced the back and started quilting this quilt:

it's a very random, completely "go with the wind" FMQ...Girl LOVES it!  Now all I have left is to bind!

Sunday: finished block 3 of the FQS Designer Mystery BOM!

Monday: started the sashing on my Terrain Swoon!  (bout time!)

Feeling so good to be back in the sewing swing of things!  One thing I did this weekend that I found very helpful...I have a short attention span, and I hate rethreading my machine (not that it's difficult, just puts a stop to things!)...so I kept sewing on something that went with whatever thread was already in my machine...kept me interested because I'd finish up a piece of one thing (BOM), and then move to a different project (Terrain Swoon) because the thread matched!

I'm linking up at Life in Pieces!  Have a great day!

a finish and a little BOM!

Woohoo!  Got a lot of sewing accomplished over the weekend!  Sharing just a bit with you today, and the rest tomorrow!

First up, got block 2 done (finally) of the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM by Fat Quarter Shop:

I like the block...not my fave...but I do like it!

and then, because it arrived on Friday...I got block 3 done!

this is my fave block so far!

and because I FINALLY...and I mean FINALLY got this quilt bound...I have a FINISH!!

and the back

and now I'm done...for today!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Where in the world???

have I been?  Well..it's pretty simple...I've been at work...and that's about it.  A little bit of time in the evenings spent watching the Olympics...and then off to bed...so I can get back to work!  But enough of that!  Today my goal is to get home early...and SEW!  It's been a month since I stitched a single stitch...and I have lots of things to get caught up on!

Hopefully I'll be back later to show pics of something I've sewn today!