Tuesday, August 28, 2012

15 minute challenge...week 7!

Where I finish a quilt...and face near devastation with another!

Let's check the progress for the week:

Monday: pinwheels

Tuesday-Friday: nothing

Saturday: finished the binding on Girls' SQ and worked on piecing the last bits of the Swoon top

Sunday: basted Paris Race

Monday: nothing

So let's talk finish...I FINALLY finished Girls' SQ (started way back here, quilted here, and now it's DONE!)



She loves it!  (or so she says...who knows what the opinion will be tomorrow).  Details: fabric - Solids are all Kona, Patterned fabric - seasonal purchased at JoAnn's, batting - Hobbs, thread - Gutterman (piecing and quilting); quilted in a completely random all over  free motion "scribble" by me

And now...near devastation...

I've been happily plugging along getting Swoon all pieced...and it was time to add the borders...got one border on...and then...as I was laying it out to pin the next piece...apparently I dragged one side/edge through a little...treat...that my puppy left me...right by my sewing table.  This after I swept and mopped the floor a few hours earlier, and right after the dog came inside after being in the yard for 30 minutes.  I about cried.  So I very diligently dabbed and patted and dampened the spots with cold water (and a tad bit of stain remover)...and laid it all out to dry:

I THOUGHT I had taken care of it!  And then on Sunday, went to add the final border...and found a spot that had been missed...so back to near tears...and dabbing and daubing, etc.  So instead I got a different quilt basted and I'll be working on that this week (need to have it done by the end of the week).

It was such a heart breaking moment that I'm almost afraid to touch my Swoon...in the event something else randomly appears on it!  (and HOPEFULLY get the final border on this week!).  I really need to figure out what I'm going to do for the backing!

And that's my adventure in sewing this week!  Linking up at Life In Pieces!  Have a great day!

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  1. Oh no! Bad dog! I had a cat puke on a quilt top before, and my son spilled juice in my box of neutral scraps. Luckily it all came out in the wash...but even with clean up, the puke-y one was not fun to quilt!


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