Tuesday, August 21, 2012

15 minute challenge...week 6!

I am feeling really good about how this past week went!  So as I link up to Life In Pieces...let's jump right in and show you what I did!

Tuesday - Thursday: nothing (typical for me...this is the area I need to improve in)

Friday:  Terrain Swoon (getting sooooo close!)

Saturday:  Pinwheels (from my Swoon leftovers)

Sunday: HST BOM (see post here)

Monday:  HST BOM - April

and all the HST BOMs so far:

I am so glad I decided to go ahead and cut into my Flea Market Fancy stash, I'm loving these blocks!!

P.S.  It was the first day of school today...I had a big ole smile on my face all day long!  (as did Girl...she likes school and was excited for today to come!)


  1. love your HST blocks. nice week.

  2. It's hard to sew during the week sometimes, espeically when you add in the kids activities. Love all of your projects, especially your Swoon blocks.


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