Sunday, August 19, 2012

Getting Fancy on Sunday!

As in Flea Market Fancy!  Ok...going way back to this post...I gathered up the fabric...and then it sat...and sat...and I didn't want to cut into any of it!  It's too PRECIOUS!  LOL!

And then I decided I needed a new project (oh how foolish of me...).  I have been following Jeni's blog In Color Order for a while particular her HST Block of the Month tutorials.  So...I woke up this morning...and decided that I really wanted to try the blocks...and why not go ahead and cut into the Flea Market Fancy!

So here we go!

January block:

February block:

March block:

and so far I'm really enjoying these blocks!  I already have the fabrics selected for the April I should be getting to that tomorrow!  (if I don't just buckle down and get my Swoon top finished!!!)

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  1. Beautiful - Beautiful Blocks! I so love these. Good choice of blocks to use your flea Market Fancy on.


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