Friday, August 17, 2012

My corner of the world...

Figured I'd share some pics and info of my sewing space today!  When I first took up sewing early last year, I was working on a card table in what was my scrapbooking/stamping/office space.  When it turned out I REALLY enjoyed sewing...well that led to me moving downstairs to the dining room table so that I would have a more stable table to work from.  Well Guy had about enough of that and built me a fantastic table!  Well...this table ended up being kind of big, and wouldn't make it up the stairs in our house (or in the doorway of the previous scrappy space) now I sew full time in the living room!

My side of the room (excuse the mess...I'm sure I've been too busy to really clean much).

A closer look at the sewing table

Guy built one shelves on one side and that is where a majority of my stash is stored

If you look to the ironing'll see a few more bins of stash is starting to outgrow my storage!

and that's that!  My little corner of the world!  Which I'm hoping to eventually get moved back upstairs to the scrappy office area.  I will say that I do enjoy being in the living's where the family is...and they usually don't mind the sound of a sewing machine running while they are hanging out!  At the same time...I want my living room re-done...and the sewing table is just not in the mix!

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