Saturday, February 27, 2016

Then there was February...

I made a lot of sewing progress in January...was thrilled with what I got accomplished...and then February came along and I did pretty much no sewing.  So bad, that I even forgot to post some stuff I worked on in January.  So here I am to catch up a bit.  

I finally decided what fabric I want to use for my Fancy Forest quilt .  It took a lot of effort.  I decided on using my big bundle of Cotton + Steel basics I picked up in November, and Bella Solid in Smoke:

and then got everything cut out:

After all of that, I've managed to get this done:

16 fabulous foxes!  Love!

Anyways...last weekend I started on a memory quilt for a co-worker.  No pictures to share of that.  Hope to finish it up over the next weekend or two.  I also would love to get my scrap vortex quilt done.  It hasn't changed from this picture:

and my hubby would really rather it was not still on the guest room floor.  I also have this on the hallway banister:

and should really get at least one of them finished!