Monday, November 11, 2013

Bestest run EVAH!!!

Real quick like...To all that have served and continue to serve, Happy Veterans Day! 

WOW!  I had such a blast over this past weekend!  If you've followed along for a little while now, you'll know that earlier this year Guy and I started running, and it quickly moved on to doing races and in September, we ran a half-marathon (recap here).  Well, since we didn't want to lose all that we had been building towards, we decided to add another race to the schedule.  And this past Saturday, Nov. 9th, he and I ran the Rock'n'Roll Savannah 1/2 marathon relay!  And it was the best run I've ever had!!!  (We both set new 10k PRs!!!). 

Savannah isn't a bad drive at all for us, so we got there Friday around 5 and hit up the expo to check in for the race.  We didn't stick around too long, and went off to meet up with our friends that were running the 1/2.  We got set up the night before and were quickly off to sleep since we had a 3:15 am wakeup!

It was so cold Saturday morning!  We were up so early so we could get our group to our designated parking area before the roads were closed.  So we were sitting around for a long while (thankfully in the car where we were warm!).  We finally headed to the starting area about 5:45...Guy and I were bundled up and having fun!

And then it was almost time to start the race, so I left Guy once his corral started moving along (does he not look a little bit creepy in this pic???):

and headed to the relay transition area:

where I patiently waited with a lot of other folks.  It was fun watching the elite runners come through and cheering them on!  Guy was moving pretty fast (for us!) and was at the transition at a great time and I passed off my long sleeves to him and got to running!  The weather was gorgeous (bit of a breeze, sunnyk, and in the 50's/60's when I started running ) and the crowd support was phenomenal!!  I tell you...the people of Savannah know how to host a race!  The course was amazing, relatively flat, and fast fast fast!  Not to mention beautiful scenery!  The miles just flew past, and I looked at my GPS watch a couple of times and was shocked at how far I had already come!  I was at the finish almost before I could realize it! 

and then we crashed for a couple of hours!  It was a great trip!  Guy and I are already planning on running the 1/2 next year instead of the relay.  And we are already planning out a few more races for between now and our next 1/2 scheduled in March. 

Happy Monday! 

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  1. Congrats on the PR. Looks like you had fun, but that's way to early to get up for anything!


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