Wednesday, November 6, 2013

15 minute me bag lady

Wow...this week is going slightly faster than I thought!  I'm a day late posting for the 15 minute challenge...oh well, better late than never!

Tuesday: none
Wednesday: none
Thursday: none
Friday: 241 tote
Saturday: fleece blanket, 241 tote
Sunday: Cargo duffle
Monday: none

So only 3 days of 7 the past week, but man oh man...those 3 days were pretty awesome!  I spent the majority of time working on bags!  One for Girl, one for Guy.  Both bags are patterns by Anna Griffin of Noodlehead and both bags I would seriously make again in a heartbeat!  Her patterns are pretty awesome.  I also whipped together a fleece blanket for Girl as she has been asking for took me 20 minutes...and now I really need to clean my machine!

I have no true rhyme or reason to my sewing right now...I think more than anything it's just the sheer desire to create...I think it's time to pull another quilt out of the UFO pile and get it finished...and then maybe start a new one.  I am also thinking about making bags for all of my nieces this year for Christmas.  I think the 241 tote is perfect for them...and I may get started on that soon.  This week will not be a big sewing week as I have some outside plans that will be taking up the majority of my time (more on those later).

Hope your week is sew-rific!

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  1. The bags sound like fun. I've been off the sewing band wagon myself. Too much other stuff going on. Hope you still find a few minutes to stitch here and there this week.


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