Wednesday, October 30, 2013

When quilts grow up...

I have a long list of unfinished quilts.  Some are at the flimsy stage...some are in pieces...some have a single block complete with no idea where I'm going after that.  I'm very proud to have such a list...I enjoy sewing for the act of creating keeps me sane.

Some of these quilts are made just to make them.  My Starburst quilt is one such project.  The quilt-a-long looked neat and I wanted to try it out and I had plenty of I made a quilt top.  I even purchased a few yards of fabric for the potential backing...but it was just going to sit there for some time as I hadNO IDEA what the quilt was for...who it might go to...or if it would join the pile of sofa quilts that I, Guy and Girl rotate through.  But, last night I decided...this particular quilt is going to go off and do something really awesome.

My red, white and blue Starburst quilt is going to grow up and become a Quilt of Valor.  An instagram friend was looking for some donation blocks as their local chapter, Operation Sew Thankful, has been invited to present quilts on November 11 - Veteran's Day.  Well…I had planned on making some blocks and sending them on to her.  And the more I thought about it…the more I thought…why not see if they want your quilt top.  Many of you may not know that I come from a long line of Military Veterans.  Both my husband and I served in the US Navy (10 years for me!), both of my parents were US Air Force, my grandfather on my mom's side was Navy, my grandfather on my dad's side was Royal Canadian Air Force, my aunt was Army Reserve, my brother-in-law also Navy.  I'm very proud to be part of such a long family history of military service.  And now I'm over the moon to be able to give in some small way to other veterans.

I am nervous as heck that my flimsy will arrive and they not be able to use it for some reason.  I read up on the requirements on the website, and mine looks to fall within the rules.  As always…we are our own worst critics and I see some flaws…but in the end…it doesn't matter.  This quilt has grown up and is about to head off to do something really and truly great.

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  1. What a great place to send your grown up quilt.


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