Tuesday, October 8, 2013


It appears I have acquired magical powers capable of destroying electronic equipment just by coming in contact with said equipment.  My iMac is deader than dead.  The crash and subsequent wipe of the hard drive I reported in my last post did not last longer than a week.  And the good folks of Apple were very helpful on the phone in letting me know that there was no hope.  The hard drive is a goner.  Thankfully it is covered under warranty and I won't have to pay for a new one.  Unfortunately it's now in the shop and won't be home for close to a week if not longer.  And that's what I managed to mess up on Friday night.  I won't discuss the cell phone issue that occurred on Friday afternoon other than to say I did not manage to break a cell phone, just couldn't get mine replaced, for now...I hope.

Sunday afternoon, my electronic kryptonite like powers returned and the sound bar for our TV went poof completely unexpectedly.  The helpful people of Vizio let us know that it was a goner...however this one is no longer under warranty...so we'll get around to replacing it when we get around to replacing it.

In the meantime I have done zero sewing.  My mojo has fled.  And I'm also a tiny bit scared that if I turn on a machine it too will go POOF! 

I gotta get this turned around!  Perhaps I'll try working on some x plus tonight...or maybe I'll just mope a bit longer...I'm actually kindasorta hoping that the longer I keep typing the sooner my work computer will go bye-bye.  One can hope!

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  1. You've definitely had one of those weeks. Hope you get all your technology back up and running soon.
    Did we really ever live without all this stuff?


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