Tuesday, October 15, 2013


As in...I'm all out of them!  I got my computer back on Friday (and let's just say I'm not yet convinced it's 100% healthy again)...got new phones on Friday...got a new soundbar on Saturday...so we have the electronics all straightened out...but not necessarily me and the sewing yet.

I had great intentions of sewing over the weekend...didn't happen for any number of reasons...big thing is...it didn't happen. 

I'm starting to get the itch and think about sewing non-stop...so I really just need to sit down at my machine and get going!

So I'm back on the 15 minutes a day bandwagon starting today.  I WILL make time to sew.  Even for only that short period of time if that's all the time I've got.  My creative side needs to be fed!

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  1. Some weeks are just that way. Good luck with finding the 15 minutes to sit and stitch!


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