Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Super love for a Supertote!

Had a great weekend spending plenty of time sewing (Saturday was a bit of a bust, but there was fabric shopping done that day...so it's all good in my book).  Sunday was the big sew day...I finally got to work on a Supertote (pattern by Noodlehead).  It took me a grand total of 8 hours to get this puppy put together!  The first 3 hours were spent on cutting and fusing interfacing...that always seems to take forever, but once I got past that...it was pretty clear sailing.  The pattern is so clearly written and easy to follow.  I had a problem with one part...and that's all me, not the pattern itself.  I don't know what it is with me and zippers...but every time I use a pattern that calls for a zipper...I have to read the instructions 20 times.  The first time I read the steps for this one...I could not understand it...and then I read it 5 more times...still didn't get it.  I had to take a break and then come back and read it to finally understand what it was saying...I think it's mental...I see "zipper" and my brain shuts down. 

Anyways...like I said the pattern was really easy to follow, and I am thrilled with how this bag came out! (all pics from instagram because I've gotten lazy and haven't been getting out my real camera lately to capture some good pictures)

"Front" side (the pink panel is a pocket, I made it fully lined and am so thrilled with how the piping looks!)

Back side

Sort of picture of the fully finished tote (love the recessed zipper!):


This particular bag is not for me...I'm making this to serve as a diaper bag for my friend (that I've been working on the other baby stuff for).  But I already have (at least in my head) planned a couple more of these!  Now that I know how it all goes together, I can definitely see it taking less than 8 hours per bag, and I will add the magnetic snap that is listed as an option in the pattern.  I didn't add it this time because I just didn't want to take the time to do so.  I know they don't take long...but at hour 5-6...I just didn't feel like it!  LOL!

And now I'm off to work on a different bag...Girl would like a new one, so I'm going to try out the 241 tote (pattern also by Noodlehead).

Supertote pattern by Anna Graham
Fabric: Kona Cotton in Bright Pink and Med. Grey, the rest are prints picked up from Hancock Fabrics and a black denim also from Hancock
Thread: Coats and Clark universal (worked great, a bit linty, but my machine didn't balk at all!)
Interfacing: Pellon 808 (I used what the pattern recommended)


  1. Very cute! I've not sewn a zipper in years. I'm not sure I could work with one now.

  2. hi!
    every once in a while, i still think of you, and wonder how you are doing. looks like you are doing fabulously! i do miss you. your sewing work is AMAZING! you are so good at it!!! this is truly your special talent!!! im so jealous of all the fun bags you can make, would be great to be able to make your own customized bag!
    i hope you and justin and meghan are doing good, but as i read from time to time, you all are in a good place, which i'm glad.
    just wanted you to know i'm thinking of you.


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