Friday, November 22, 2013

Revisiting goals...

So on January 1st of this year, I published a list of goals I would like to accomplish in 2013.   I thought I should consider revisiting them to see if I've made progress or if they changed or if I blew them all off!
  1. Work on FMQ. I really would like to improve in this area (not that it will take much to improve!!!) I have definitely worked on this one after I learned more about FMQ (see this post) and I have successfully FMQd a couple of quilts.
  2. Make Girl a Christmas Quilt (fabric is already picked out, pattern is already picked out, just need to do!) Yeah...nothing going here...but a new idea is brewing
  3. Make a quilt for me (Sister's TEN BOM) Part of my BOM addiction...I have made a handful of blocks and that's about it
  4. Finish Terrain Swoon (quilt top is made, need to make the backing and get this puppy quilted and finished!) another zero...
  5. Make a quilt for Guy done!  see his quilt here
  6. Attend Sew South Retreat (this should be easy!!! :) ) DONE DONE DONE!  Unfortunately not to be repeated in year is way to crazy to plan for anything along those lines...maybe next fall...
  7. Make Christmas gift quilts for 2 of my nieces (I really want to get this done EARLY this year!!!) ummm...haven't done anything with this, not sure if I will or not...this might still happen
  8. Move my sewing space upstairs (this was a goal in 2012, had to extend the goal, need more time to accomplish it!) DONE!!!  See post here, back when it was clean and orderly...not the disaster area it is today!
  9. Make a bottled rainbow quilt (really looking forward to this!!!) completely lost interest in this one
  10. Continue with the 15 minutes a day challenge! I'll call this one a success, I've done the best I can each week! my calculations, that makes 5 of 10 goals complete, 1 goal sort of started, 1 goal completely off my radar, and 2-3 goals that might still see action before the end of the year.  Not bad!  I don't make these goals to determine if my sewing year is a success or failure...I make them because it may be helpful to see where I want to go, to give myself a bit of a starting point when the year is fresh and open for all kinds of things.  Not accomplishing some of these is merely a reflection of how things change over the course of a year.

With just over 5 weeks left in the year...who knows if something else on this list is completed.  I'll revisit the list at the close of 2013, see if any of these have sparked some motivation or drive for the rest of my 2013 sewing.

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  1. Great job on your goals. I've found that a lot of how we do goal setting and appraisal where I work affects how I write and view my quilting goals. Have you noted the same?


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