Wednesday, November 13, 2013

15 minute challenge...where I pretend to sew

Another week to check in with Kate and the 15 minute challenge...another week I post a day late...oh well, it's one of my quirks! Anywho...not a lot of sewing was accomplished this past in...

Tuesday: none
Wednesday: none
Thursday: zip pouch
Friday: none
Saturday: none
Sunday: none
Monday: none

only 1 of 7!  However, I do have an excuse...I was busy running, and out of town for most of the week.  I can say I already have started this week out right...but probably only because I'm on a deadline.  (more on that later...never know who might be watching my blog!). 

I've been a bit scattered lately...not sure what or where to head next with my sewing.  I want to get a quilt finished that will actually fit on my bed!  And I have one waiting to be quilted that would work (my Terrain Swoon) and another in pieces (Our Quilt) that would fit also.  But I also want to start something new...just not sure what.  And, in a spell of good news...I have a wedding quilt to get to work on...I'm very excited about that, but nervous also.  The bride has given me an idea of colors...and I can almost picture what I want in my mind...but it's fleeting...maybe I need a mood board for each quilt I want to help me focus my ideas.  I'll have to look into that.

Oh to work I go...


  1. Sounds like my week, only I think you got in one more day than I did. I just can't seem to get motivated ...

  2. It must be the time of year, it's been hectic here too. Not real conductive to finding sewing time (or reading blogs, sorry to be so late getting to your post). Sounds like you've got some fun ideas to work on. I'm doing the same, I've got a couple of projects percolating around in my head.


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