Saturday, February 23, 2013

Shake n' Bake 2...finished!

Here it is:

please excuse the socks scattered about.  apparently the living room floor is where Girl thinks they belong.

I started Shake n' Bake 2 back in my holiday marathon sewing leading up to this past Christmas.  It was originally started as a "spare" gift, just in case I was leaving someone off the list.  Well, it ended up I was not leaving anyone out, so SnB2 quickly was reassigned to Guy.  I originally finished the quilt top the first week of January and picked up the backing fabric.  However, Guy asked for borders to be put on the quilt (he wants a big quilt to cover him, he's much taller than me, and most stuff I make is "my size".  So back into the pile it went.  And then I had my machine problems.  So it sat, borderless, for quite awhile.

When I first brought Sylvia home, one of the first things that was sewn on her was the borders for this quilt.  But then it went back in the pile.

And then last weekend came along.  Which happened to fall just before Guy's birthday.  So Girl asked...Mom, can you finish Dad's quilt before Monday?  and we were off!  I did some very simple quilting, a horrid binding job, and got it washed and dried, all in time for the birthday!  Guy is happy with it!  Woohoo!

Fabric:  Kona Steel (backing, binding); charms - a little of EVERYTHING!
Pattern:  My standard, cut a bunch of 5" charms, throw 'em in a bag, pull 'em out, sew 'em together
Thread: Piecing - Gutterman/Mettler; Quilting - Aurifil, 50 wt (LOVELOVELOVELOVE!)
Batting: Warm and White

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  1. Congrats on the finish, it's a very manly looking quilt. I like the color combo and just that touch of red-orange to give it some fun.


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