Saturday, February 23, 2013

Scrappy Tripping on a Rainy Afternoon

My stitch-a-thon just keeps rolling!  (Minus a break to run to the grocery store and to work out).  Up next...adding to my stack of Scrappy Trip Along blocks!

Last time I touched these was the end of January, so actually not that long ago.  Today, I stitched up 7 more blocks:

Which brings me to a grand total of 25 blocks, and this is how they all look:

Loving this one!  It is going to be such a bright and cheerful quilt, perfect for rainy days, like today!

Originally my goal was 30 blocks.  When I first laid them out today, I thought perhaps 25 would be the right amount.  Then I looked...and then I stood on a chair and looked (and took pictures)...and then Girl looked (from 2-3 different sides) and declared "You need another row."  And...I agree with her.  I think one more row will finish it off quite nicely.  Unfortunately...I don't have 5 more blocks worth of fabric cut and ready to go.  So I may have to move on to something else for right now, as I really don't feel like cutting fabric at this moment.  (Also the reason I'm not working on the other two Starburst blocks...that would require lots o'trimming of HSTs...and just not feeling it!)

So off I go to work on something else!

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  1. Wow! What a trip around the rainbow! It's going to be a gorgeous and fun quilt when you get it done.


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