Wednesday, February 13, 2013

15 minute challenge...week 31!

Time for check in with the 15 minute challenge, and I'm posting a little late this week.  Oh well.  My current work schedule really caught up to me the past week and I'm running a little in the slow lane!

Tuesday: none

Wednesday: none

Thursday: none

Friday: J's shake n' bake (new one, no pics until it is delivered)

Saturday: Starburst

Sunday: Starburst, J's shake n' bake

Monday: J's shake n' bake

4 of 7 isn't too bad.  I've struggled the past few weeks trying to get those 15 minutes in a day, but thankfully 2 more weeks and I'll be off this current schedule (for a little while at least).

Now, let's talk about February's challenge...our sewing spaces.  I need to take pics of my space in the living room, took some quite a while back for a post, you can read about it and see them here.  I've rapidly overtaken close to 50% of the living room with just my sewing stuff.  Part of the reason why I've been aiming to move my sewing space to the upstairs office that used to be my stamping/scrapbooking space.  This would require me to really get rid of a ton of stuff (already gotten rid of quite a bit, but lot's more to go!) and I've been kind of lazy about not doing that.  So I'll work on it some this week/weekend, and we'll see how much progress has been made.

That's all I've got for now, catch you later!


  1. 4 out of 7 is good, especially when work gets in the way. (my slow weeks are usually just me sitting doing nothing ...).

  2. With your schedule, getting in 15 minutes in preference to sleeping is a real accomplishment. Love your sewing space. My family wouldn't be as tolerant. Plus I do like having my own space where I can step away from the craziness that is our life.


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