Saturday, February 23, 2013

Just keep rolling...

So far so good, I'm really making progress and getting some things cleaned up on my stitchy Saturday!

As I'm still (mostly) avoiding cutting fabric today, I pulled my HST BOM rows out and the sashing strips I had previously made for them, and got them all put together!

Now, this HST BOM was a 2012 BOM...and its' still not anywhere near complete...but now I sorta have a quilt top!  The original pattern calls for adding a border, and I think that would be a good idea, now I just have to figure out fabric  (and for the backing and the binding...but border first).  I may have enough of one of the FMF prints to use as the border...but that would require me to pull it out, measure for the borders, measure the fabric...and right now, that's right up there with cutting in my mind!  I'll spend time on it another day.

Once I got that done...and took a break to go running with Guy and eat dinner and stuff...I actually cut some fabric.  But not any serious cutting mind you...I put together the quilt back for my Layers of Good Fortune quilt (last seen over here).  So I technically, I cut some fabric.  But it was one slice...and done!

I spray baste my quilts, it's just much easier for me, saves me time, and it works.  However, once I get them basted, I have to let them "air out" for a little while, so I don't have fresh fumes up in my face as I start quilting.  So now my love seat is bedecked with a quilt sandwich:

And I may start quilting it tonight.

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  1. Your HST BOM is looking good. I really like the mix of colors you used in it.


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