Saturday, February 2, 2013


That's about the only way for me to describe my Friday.  It was mind blowing ahmahzing!

I got off work yesterday morning about 8 am, and headed straight away to meet my Guy for breakfast (delicious!).  After breakfast we jumped in my car and headed down to pick up Goldie!  She was all done and ready to come home.  Lovely thing, I received a gift certificate for Christmas for the store, so as Guy waited for them to bring Goldie out, I did a little bit of shopping...I picked up a Supreme Slider (all part of my goal to improve my FMQing), some fabric (they had the cutest chevron's in!), a set of quilter gloves (had to try), and 6 spool of Aurifil thread (HAD TO TRY!!  I've read so many wonderful things about Aurifil, so I had to try!  I'll let you know how it works for me!).  So we were all loaded up, ready to go...and then they asked me if I wanted a brochure on any of the machines I had peeked at while I was in the store...and before I could stop the words from coming out of my mouth...I said yes...and 30 minutes later...I was loading this up in my car:

Meet Sylvia!!  And let me tell you...she stitches like a DREAM!!  And that's 11.25" of space to the right of the needle!!!  I'm in love!!!  (more on Sylvia later...)

After we left the sewing center...I had a hair appontment, so got that done (my hair had gotten out of control!!), and feeling was time to head back to the house (we ran a few more errands and had lunch...but that's all kinda boring :) )

We roll up to the house...and there is a nice size package hanging out of the mailbox...and here is what was in the package:

WOW!  I had participated in the Cameo Sew-a-long back in November/December, and one of my photographs was randomly selected for a prize!  I'm very excited to play with those patterns and that lovely fabric!!

and then...Girl came home...and I hadn't seen her for a few I was very happy to hang out with her for a bit!

and then...I played with Sylvia for a bit...and then crashed hard!  I got a great night sleep...and now it's Saturday...I've already been up and stitching for a bit...and soon Girl and I are heading out with some friends for a girls day at the museum!  I plan on continuing my ah-mah-zing Friday into the whole weekend!  So I'll leave you with one final pic...of Sylvia, Bitty and Goldie all meeting for the first time!  (Guy seriously rolled his eyes when he saw me taking this pic...and said something slightly unflattering...but I still love him anyways!).


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  1. Congrats on getting Goldie back and on the new addition of Sylvia. Hope you got in lots of stitching this weekend.


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