Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You're not done yet???!!?!

So that's what Guy said to me Sunday evening...you're not done with your sister's quilt yet?  Let's just say that I snorted at him, rolled my eyes, and barely restrained myself from flipping him the bird.  See...had all of these great intentions of finishing her quilt over this past weekend...but...my sleep schedule was all messed up...and well...I was tired!  I had done some work on the back of the quilt...had actually gotten this done by Friday/Saturday:

and on Saturday evening I had finished this piece:

but on Sunday...they just sat there, not joined together, not even in the same general vicinity of each other.  SO today...being Monday night/Tuesday morning...as I attempt to stay up til 5 or 6 am (to get myself back on a night shift schedule)...I finally put the two together and now have this:

actually, after that, still feeling somewhat energetic...I now actually have this:

a nicely pressed quilt top and back...ready for basting, quilting and binding...not sure I'm going to get to that tonight...we'll see how I feel after I finish this post and down some caffeine...I may just be up to cruising the internet and eating random junk food!

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