Tuesday, May 31, 2011

getting closer

Well...must admit, my lofty goal from my previous post fell decidedly short.  Didn't get anything accomplished on my sister's quilt until this weekend.  Started Friday with this:

not too bad...by Monday I had this (after we shuffled the different sections around quite a bit):

big dog has to stay in the kennel while i lay this stuff out, otherwise she is all over the quilt, much like little dog here:

little dog is much easier to move out of the way than big dog!

and by yesterday afternoon (late) I had this:

Girl was really not thrilled with me by the time I got all of the pictures taken...she's decided the role of standing on chair to display quilt really should be filled by someone else!  I say...she'll get over it!

Hope to have this all sandwiched, quilted and bound by the end of next weekend, but we'll see.  On night shift this week, so just going to play it by ear!

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