Friday, May 6, 2011

working on the chain...piecing!

still working away on my sister's quilt...slowly but surely...trying to take my time and not feel too rushed like I did as I was finishing up Mom's quilt (which was entirely self-imposed!). with the quilt I am working on (can't tell you what pattern I'm using just yet...again, my sister wants to be surprised!) there is a lot of chain piecing to be had.  Chain piecing (once I learned what the heck that was) will make this quilt go so fast...and it gives you something pretty to look at:

and once I got about 20 sets done, I got set to press the seams...I must say that I love the combination of fabrics for this quilt, and even though this was most likely not the BEST of ideas, I just let everything fall into a pile just for the purpose of a picture!

after I got everything pressed, it was time to start cutting, so my own form of assembly line took place...the pressed sets on the far right, area for cutting to the left...and in between...the strips that will now have to go back into the machine for chain piecing...

the process of this quilt is quite relaxing, chain, press, cut, repeat...but I am looking forward to actually getting all of this cycle done, hopefully this weekend!

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